الرئيسية Psychic Witch: A Metaphysical Guide to Meditation, Magick & Manifestation

Psychic Witch: A Metaphysical Guide to Meditation, Magick & Manifestation

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About the Author
Mat Auryn is a witch, professional psychic, and occult teacher based in
New England. He has been drawn to the occult and metaphysical since an
early age, reading books on witchcraft at eight years old. He is an initiate of
Black Rose Witchcraft, the Cabot Tradition of Witchcraft, and the Temple
of Witchcraft. He is currently a high priest in the Sacred Fires Tradition of
Witchcraft. Mat has had the honor and privilege of studying under
Christopher Penczak, Laurie Cabot, Devin Hunter, Storm Faerywolf, Chas
Bogan, Jason Miller, and other prominent witchcraft teachers and elders.
He runs the blog For Puck’s Sake on Patheos Pagan, is a content creator
for Modern Witch, writes a column in Witches & Pagans magazine entitled
Extrasensory Witchcraft, and writes a column in Horns magazine. He has
been featured in various magazines, radio shows, podcasts, books,
anthologies, and other periodicals. Mat was the very first recipient of the
“Most Supportive Witch Award” presented by Witch Way magazine for
helping others in the witchcraft community and going above and beyond to
make other witches feel like they are not alone.
Mat has had the honor of helping thousands of people throughout the
world gain clarity through his skills of psychic ability and tarot reading over
the last decade. Mat teaches various metaphysical and occult subjects such
as psychic development, magickal empowerment, working with spirits,
divination, energy healing, lucid dreaming, divination, and astral projection.
To find out more about him and his work visit www.MatAuryn.com.

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Title: Psychic witch : a metaphysical guide to meditation, magick
manifestation / Mat Auryn.
Description: First edition. | Woodbury, Minnesota : Llewellyn
2020. | Includes bibliographical references and index.
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In Memory of Raven Grimassi
“If the art of Witchcraft can be reduced to one aspect, it would be
the achieving of altered states of consciousness … On a deeper
level, we can add trance (induced by whatever means) and psychic
development. Such states of consciousness allow the Witch not only
to perceive things behind their veneer but also to reshape reality in
an experiential sense.”
—Raven Grimassi
The Witches’ Craft: The Roots of
Witchcraft & Magical Transformation

This book is dedicated to the four largest influences on my magickal
path, in chronological order: Silver RavenWolf, Christopher
Penczak, Laurie Cabot, and Devin Hunter.
Silver, your work opened up a world of possibilities when it came
to magick and witchery for me as a child. Your work alone was a
gateway that jump-started my path of spirituality. Most of all, I
learned not to limit my dreams based on what seemed “realistic.” As
a child, I would tirelessly (and sometimes obsessively) copy the
information from your books with that little crescent moon on the
spine into my own notebooks and eventually my first personal Book
of Shadows. I dreamed of someday writing and publishing my own
book with that Llewellyn logo on it, and here I am with my own,
having achieved what seemed unrealistic. Thank you for the
monumental impact that your work has had on my generation of
budding witches and those before and after me.
Christopher, you reawakened my passion for witchcraft and
psychic ability, and your work has brought it to the next level for
me. In many ways, this book is my love letter to The Inner Temple
of Witchcraft, a book that completely changed my personal practice
in profound ways. Despite being a living occult encyclopedia,
you’re able to take very complex topics and break them down in an
easy-to-understand manner to ensure your readers and students
understand the concepts. Your ability to stay humble and grounded
are qualities that I’m continually striving for. You have been a
spiritual role model, a mentor, a friend, and an older brother, and I
am a better person and a better witch because of it. The friendship

and guidance that you provided during the writing of this book is
priceless. Xoxotl forever!
Laurie, this book wouldn’t exist without your pioneering work to
combine psychic ability and witchcraft together. In my eyes, there is
no one else who exemplifies the psychic witch more than you. It has
been a great honor to take classes with you and to chat with you
between readings at Enchanted. You predicted that this book would
exist, and as always, you were right! Thank you for all the work
you’ve done to educate the world about what witchcraft truly is, and
for not only setting an example that psychic ability and magick are
real, but for having people prove it to themselves in your classes.
Devin, when it comes to magick and witchcraft, I’m not sure I’ve
ever seen eye-to-eye with anyone as much as I do with you. I
definitely believe we’re cut from the same cloth. You have invested
outrageous amounts of time and energy into my training. You never
gave up on me, you took the time to ask me questions and check in
on me when I was off, you’ve called me on my crap, you’ve
motivated me, you’ve encouraged me, you’ve tested me, you’ve
held up mirrors, you’ve supported me, you’ve pushed me to grow,
you’ve challenged me, you’ve inspired me, and you’ve also known
when to give me space, when to trust my own capability, and most
of all you never stopped believing in me or my potential. Many
friends and acquaintances have commented that I’m an entirely
different person inside and out and that I’ve grown and shifted
immensely in positive ways as a person since I’ve started training
with you. If that is true, a majority of that is solely due to your
mentoring. I am extremely honored to have you as a friend, mentor,
and co-conspirator.

Other Acknowledgments
Chapter 1: The Power and the Sight
Chapter 2: Meditation and Relaxation
Chapter 3: Tuning In
Chapter 4: Extrasensory Perception
Chapter 5: Purification and Shielding
Chapter 6: The Triple Souls of the Witch
Chapter 7: The Lower Self and the Shadow
Chapter 8: The Higher Self and True Will
Chapter 9: Flames of the Witch’s Souls
Chapter 10: Between the Worlds
Chapter 11: The Elemental Forces

Chapter 12: Terrestrial Energy
Chapter 13: Celestial Energies
Chapter 14: Multidimensional Manifestation
Chapter 15: Psychic Spells and Magick Tricks

Chapter 1
Exercise 1: Preliminary Focus
Exercise 2: Psychic Immersion
Exercise 3: Psychic Affirmations
Chapter 2
Exercise 4: Learning to Focus with Basic Meditation
Exercise 5: Treasure Chest for Stress
Exercise 6: Cocoon of Relaxation
Exercise 7: Star Relaxation
Exercise 8: The Psychic Dimmer
Exercise 9: Elemental Square Breathing
Exercise 10: Solar Breathing
Exercise 11: Lunar Breathing
Chapter 3
Exercise 12: Grounding
Exercise 13: Raising Terrestrial Energy
Exercise 14: Drawing Down Celestial Energy
Exercise 15: Creating a Circuit
Exercise 16: Centering
Exercise 17: Entering Alpha
Exercise 18: Setting a Psychic Prompt
Exercise 19: Exiting Alpha
Exercise 20: Psychic Cleanse
Exercise 21: Calling Back Your Energy
Exercise 22: Balancing and Re-Polarizing

Chapter 4
Exercise 23: Spell to Awaken Psychic Abilities
Exercise 24: The Black Roses
Exercise 25: Visualization
Exercise 26: Psychic Activation by Candle Flame
Exercise 27: Witch Eye Cleansing and Charging
Exercise 28: Seeing Basic Auric Energies
Exercise 29: Seeing the Aura’s Colors and Spirits
Exercise 30: Awakening the Hands
Exercise 31: Deep Feeling
Exercise 32: Creating an Energy Orb
Exercise 33: Psychometry
Exercise 34: Deep Listening
Exercise 35: Homing In on Sounds and Creating Links
Exercise 36: Creating Noise Associations
Exercise 37: Hearing Spirits
Exercise 38: Awakening the Mouth and Nose
Exercise 39: Conjuring Smell and Taste
Exercise 40: Creating Smell and Taste Associations
Chapter 5
Exercise 41: Psychic Purification
Exercise 42: Lifting Heavy Energies Out of a Place
Exercise 43: Foundational Shielding and Protection
Exercise 44: The Filter Shield
Exercise 45: Full Shields Up: The Elemental Fortress Technique
Exercise 46: Psychic Security System
Exercise 47: Psychic Password
Chapter 6
Exercise 48: The Web of Interconnection
Exercise 49: Performing a Health Scan

Exercise 50: Memory Magick
Exercise 51: Contemplative Inquiry
Chapter 7
Exercise 52: Self-Possession: Invoking the Lower Self
Exercise 53: Dialoguing with the Shadow Self
Exercise 54: Lower Self Glamour Spell
Exercise 55: Telepathy with Animals and Small Children
Chapter 8
Exercise 56: Self-Possession: Invoking the Higher Self
Exercise 57: True Will Synchronicity Meditation
Exercise 58: Spell to Transmute Blockages toward True Will
Exercise 59: Universal Unity
Chapter 9
Exercise 60: Soul Alignment and the Witch Fire
Exercise 61: Basic Hands-On Healing
Chapter 10
Exercise 62: Painting with Light
Exercise 63: Casting and Releasing the Circle
Chapter 11
Exercise 64: Attuning to the Elements
Exercise 65: Conjuring Elemental Energy for Charging and Sending
Exercise 66: Calling the Quarters
Exercise 67: Dismissing the Quarters
Chapter 12
Exercise 68: Connecting to Gaia
Exercise 69: Connecting to the Spirit of Place
Exercise 70: Scrying with Nature

Chapter 13
Exercise 71: Attuning to the Planetary Energies
Exercise 72: Conjuring Planetary Energy for Charging and Sending
Chapter 14
Exercise 73: Multidimensional Mind Magick
Exercise 74: Performing a Full Magickal Spell Ritual
Chapter 15
Exercise 75: Absorbing and Imprinting Energy into an Object
Exercise 76: Boosting Offerings
Exercise 77: Clearing Out a Crowd
Exercise 78: Communicating Clearly
Exercise 79: Creative Thinking Cap
Exercise 80: Drawing Something to You
Exercise 81: Enticing Others
Exercise 82: Enhancing Candle Spells
Exercise 83: Finding Lost Objects
Exercise 84: Good Luck Blessing
Exercise 85: Heightened Psychic Receptivity
Exercise 86: Invisibility Cloak
Exercise 87: Lie Detector
Exercise 88: Money Magnet Multiplier
Exercise 89: Psychic Substitutions for Materia
Exercise 90: Recharging Your Magickal and Psychic Batteries
Exercise 91: Removing a Curse on an Item
Exercise 92: To Be Left Alone
Exercise 93: Warding an Item

Chapter 3
Figure 1: Grounding and Drawing Energy
Figure 2: Creating an Energy Circuit
Figure 3: Centering Your Energy
Chapter 4
Figure 4: The Screen of Your Mind
Chapter 6
Figure 5: The Three Cauldrons of the Three Souls
Figure 6: The World Tree
Chapter 7
Figure 7: Baphomet
Chapter 10
Figure 8: Ouroboros
Figure 9: Spiraling Energy Around You
Figure 10: Casting the Magickal Circle
Chapter 11
Figure 11: Earth Glyph
Figure 12: Water Glyph
Figure 13: Air Glyph
Figure 14: Fire Glyph
Figure 15: The Pentagram and the Elements
Figure 16: The Invoking and Banishing Pentagrams
Figure 17: Invoking Watchtower in the Elemental Quarters
Chapter 14

Figure 18: The Aura in Relation to the Three Cauldrons
Figure 19: The Multidimensional Levels of Reality

This book is consecrated in the name of He who sees the past,
present, and future with perfect clarity, who holds the key to time,
and wears the lemniscate crown.
This book is consecrated in the name of She of the crossroads,
mistress of all arcane arts, who holds the keys to all worlds, and
wears the ouroboric crown.
Hail to the great psychic and the great witch.

First and foremost, I would like to acknowledge Rory McCracken,
without whom this book would have not been possible. Beyond
those in the dedication, I also want to acknowledge everyone who
has helped, encouraged, or inspired me to get to this point:
Adam Sartwell, Aidan Wachter, Ali Dossary, Alura Rose, Amy
Blackthorn, Anaar Niino, Andrew Theitic, Anne Niven, Beth
Beauregard, Brandon Blair, Brandon Smith and the Anix, Chas
Bogan, Chester Sesco, Chris LeVasseur, Chris Morris, Chris
Orapello, Courtney Weber, Cyndi Brannen, Danielle Dulsky,
Danielle Dionne, Daniel Schulke, David Erwin, David Salisbury,
Deborah Blake, Diotima Mantineia, Durgadas Allon Duriel,
Elizabeth Autumnalis, Elysia Gallo, F. Steven Isom, Gemma Gary,
Gwion Raven, Holly Vanderhaar, Irma Kaye Sawyer, Ivo
Dominguez Jr., Jackie Smith, Jason Mankey, Jason Miller, Jess
Carlson, Jim Shackleford, Judika Illes, Kat Sanborn, Kit Yarber,
Laura Tempest Zakroff, Lauryn Heineman, Lee Morgan, Lonnie
Scott, Madame Pamita, Matthew Venus, Michelle Belanger, Maxine
Sanders, Mickie Mueller, Mike Blair, Nicholas Pearson, Oceana
Leblanc, Penny Cabot, Phoenix LeFae, Raven Grimassi, Robbi
Packard, Robin Artisson, Sarah Lynne Bowman, Sharon Day, Sorita
d’Este, Stephanie Taylor, Steve Kenson, Storm Faerywolf, Sylvie
Dugas, Tara Love-Maguire, Tess Whitehurst, Thorn Mooney,
Tiffany Nicole Ware, Enchanted of Salem, the Robin’s Nest, Moth
and Moon Studio, the Mystic Dream, Modern Witch, the Temple of
Witchcraft, the Sacred Fires Tradition of Witchcraft, Black Rose
Witchcraft, the Cabot Tradition of Witchcraft, Coven of the Crown,

the Black Flame Council, Patheos Pagan, and of course Llewellyn



“Our third-eye lets us see energy, if we are open to it. For
most people this is a foreign concept, but once you let go of
your prejudices and self-imposed limitations, you will open
to this talent.”
—Christopher Penczak, Spirit Allies

mbracing your power and path as a psychic being can be the most
rewarding experience a witch can have in their lifetime. When we finally
suspend our disbelief long enough to hold close the simple truth that to be a
witch is to be psychic incredible things start to happen. Throughout the
darker points in history, wielding such gifts as mediumship, prophecy, aura
reading, and even vivid dreaming would likely lead others to consider you a
Being psychic is not as glamorous as we are led to believe from watching
television and reading blogs, though. Simply having the gift doesn’t mean
you can do anything useful with it, and knowing where to begin the process
of developing that gift into something meaningful can be a daunting task—
so daunting that many never even scratch the surface of what they are
capable of becoming. Like many others, I found myself exploring
witchcraft and the occult as a means of understanding my natural gifts, but
there wasn’t much information to find. Witches were always described as,
and expected to be, these mystical figures with uncanny psychic ability, but
I wasn’t necessarily finding that to be true once I was on the inside.
I discovered that just because witches were expected to be psychic, that
didn’t mean that they were naturally gifted at being psychic. What’s more,
teaching someone how to use their natural abilities, when present, was a
difficult task at best. The majority of people writing on the subject

developed the ability to be psychically sensitive through their studies in the
occult. Those who did have a deeper level of understanding often did not
identify as witches and did everything they could do to separate themselves
from the label. As Paganism and the occult began to reemerge onto the
spiritual scene, there was a great importing of ideas, philosophies, and
practices from groups and cultures that had already embraced the psychic.
This went a long way in helping us piece together practices that could be
applied to our work in the Craft, but still remained something separate from
it, and if you wanted to go deep with the practices of psychic development,
you still needed to look outside of the Craft for help.
It has only been in recent history that this has started to change, as
authors like Laurie Cabot, Silver RavenWolf, and Christopher Penczak (to
name a few) have leaned in on the conversation and have helped to bridge
the gap between psychic development and modern witchcraft. What we
have learned from their work and that of their contemporaries is that these
two worlds weren’t always separate and, in reality, they quite naturally fit
together. Psychic ability is something inherent in every witch; it merely
needs to be nurtured. Like most skills, it is something that witches have the
ability to do, it’s just that some of us have a knack for it, while others
struggle to find their compass.
In this book, Mat Auryn continues this conversation with the goal of
helping us find that compass, no matter our skill level or natural
predilections. He puts his years as a professional psychic and witch to use
and takes on the challenge of laying out a digestible yet detailed exploration
of psychism as it relates to witchcraft, and he succeeds beautifully. What we
find in this book is a well-researched and intimate look at tying the pieces
together to not only sharpen our senses, but to enrich our magick as well.
Those approaching the subject for the first time will find a rich repository
of practices and knowledge that will help to awaken dormant psychic
abilities and put them to good use in their craft. This isn’t apparent just in
his attention to detail, but in the slivers of gnosis that Mat wraps up in every
topic. We the readers are treated to an intimate look at a fundamental praxis

that could only come from years of personal development and
Those who are naturally gifted or who are taking their practice to the next
level will find that Mat’s own natural abilities as a psychic have given him
unique insight: insight that proves to be informative and inspiring time and
time again.
What sticks out most in this book is the emphasis on fusing the landscape
of psychic development and witchcraft into a single practice. As I
mentioned earlier, when I began my studies books like this did not exist. We
had to go outside of witchcraft to find our answers. Here, we are finally
given a manual on how to have an authentic witchcraft practice that
includes psychic ability as a basic component.
Mat is part of a new generation of witches who continue to carry the
torch of spiritual development into the twenty-first century, bridging the
old-school and the new. Some will see his use of terms like brainwave
entrainment, the Shadow Self, synchronicity, and reality mapping as too
New Age. Others might find subjects like the Three Souls, quintessence,
True Will, and the Witch Fire to be too dark and witchy. In the past, these
were things that would remain separate from one another, but here they are
woven together to create a tapestry of practices that have the potential to
truly change your craft, no matter where you are starting from. These things
are not presented to add fluff or to make our author sound smart; they are
there to hold together the fundamental aspects of embracing our potential
and taking our witchcraft to a whole new level.
In his professional life, Mat has spent years working with the public and
helping seekers like you and me find the answers we were looking for.
Sometimes this comes in the form of a reading, sometimes a class or a blog,
but Mat’s love of service and commitment to helping others is always
present. As a student within Sacred Fires, he has surpassed my wildest
expectations as his mentor, and I find myself in awe of his work and his
continual progress. He is always moving forward, always ready to get his
hands dirty and tackle difficult subjects—all while being there for his

fellow students and tradition-mates as they do the same. He is the genuine
deal; a real psychic witch who has built a life on being helpful to those in
In this book you will not find a bunch of spells to fix your problems; I
think the title probably gave that away. What you will find, however, are
tools that will help you to unlock your potential as a witch. Our problems in
life are usually tied to that very thing: not living up to our potential. It isn’t
easy; it is actually some of the most difficult work we can do, but Mat
knows this and takes us where we need to go with perfect love and perfect
trust in our ability to succeed where we may not have before.
With the mind of a scholar and the heart of a coach, Mat provides us with
a new take on often complex and complicated subjects and gives us the
keys to unlocking their power within. Rooted in the old mysteries, flavored
with the new, Psychic Witch is the book I wish I had had all those years ago;
it skillfully continues the discussion of psychism in the Craft like no other
book before.
Devin Hunter
Author of the Witch Power series
Founder of the Sacred Fires Tradition of Witchcraft



or many people, the words psychic and witch are seen as words
reserved for fiction. The words may conjure up ideas from movies and
television such as American Horror Story, Salem, The Craft, Chilling
Adventures of Sabrina, or perhaps the witches of Hocus Pocus, or maybe
even fraudulent scam artists pretending to be psychic. Though it is not my
intention to prove that both psychic ability and magickal ability are real on
blind faith alone, let me assure you that they are. My goal is not for you to
just take my word for it, but to have you prove this to yourself through
direct experience by the time you come to the end of this book.

Psychic and Magickal Power Is Our Birthright
In both psychic and magickal circles, there’s quite a bit of gatekeeping. This
is unfortunate. Gatekeeping is best defined as an attempt to control and
limit who can be a part of a certain group or activity. There’s a strong
notion that you can only be born with magickal or psychic aptitude. While
you definitely can be born with a predisposition to these realms, just as one
might be born with a predisposition to art or athletics, it is definitely not the
only way to attain them. In fact, it often becomes a form of lazy elitism to
make such statements. Just as with art or sports, continual training,
dedication, and practice are necessary for development and maintenance.
I once had a client in a psychic reading who kept referring to my “gift,”
saying that I was the one with a gift that they claimed they did not have. I
kept reassuring them that it’s not necessarily a gift, but an ability that must
be developed and continuously worked at to help maintain and strengthen
it. This client didn’t seem to believe me at first but I reassured her that it
was absolutely true. I invited her to one of my psychic development

workshops in which I taught psychic techniques, many of which I am
sharing in this book. I had her prove to herself that anyone, even she, could
be psychic. This excited her greatly and put her on a quest to learn more
and more, and to keep working at it. She is now a professional psychic
reader a few years later.
Some folks will say that these are things that must be passed down
genetically in the family or that only certain groups, cultures, ethnicities, or
genders can possess these abilities. This is absolutely incorrect. Not only do
we see magick and psychic ability universally throughout history in both
genders, but as humans, we all share a common ancestry—one that if you
trace it far back enough is pagan and magickal. So let me make this crystal
clear: anyone can perform magick and everyone is psychic. Magick and
psychic ability aren’t supernatural but rather completely natural and
absolutely possible for every single human being to engage in. We were
born to embrace our full potential, to use all of our abilities, and to
experience and interact with the world around us to the fullest degree

Combining Psychic Power and Witchcraft
Both psychic and witch are heavily charged words, so much so that many
who are psychics or witches try to dodge the words altogether. They may
find other words to be more comfortable and accepted by outsiders—words
such as intuitive, empath, Pagan, or energy worker. However, one of the
problems that I often find is that through the toning down of these labels
and attempts to make them more palatable to the general public, there’s
often a lessening of the full potential of psychic and magickal ability as
well. The succinctness of thoughts, emotions, and words only enhances the
psychic and the magickal—and the words psychic and witch are two very
succinct words that evoke very strong thoughts and emotions. To me, these

words conjure up a level of adeptness and power within their respective
realms. Lowering the bar of these practices serves no one.
Magick ability and psychic perception may seem like two completely
different things at first. Just as the Roman god Janus is depicted with two
faces on a singular being, the psychic and magickal are two sides of one
coin. At the core, they’re aspects of how we are engaging and interacting
with subtle energies. Psychic ability is also commonly referred to as
extrasensory perception, wherein one is able to perceive energy as
information through various means.
Folk etymologies have their place in our collective psyche and are often
used among magickal teachers. The word witch is often connected to the
word Wicca, which is popularly passed on by elders of the Craft as meaning
“to bend,” “shape,” or “wield.” While there’s not really a lot of strong
evidence of this being a historical etymological definition, it’s an effective
idea that gets to the heart of what witchcraft is when you strip all the
different trappings and traditions away. In other words, the Craft of
witchery revolves around “the ability to manipulate energy and shape it for
desired outcomes.”
Many witches rush through their basics and their daily practice. Perhaps
this is because they’re entirely focused on completing tasks for a level of
training that they’re going through and moving on to the next stage. Maybe
it’s because they are not taking personal accountability for their practice and
growth and are relying instead on the validation of their teacher to tell them
that they’ve mastered a particular stage. Perhaps they’ve become bored with
the work that they’re doing. Maybe they assume that something more
complex means that it’s more powerful and they therefore are seeking the
Just because something is basic or simple does not mean that it isn’t
immensely powerful. Magick changes everyone that it touches and
everyone who touches magick changes. It’s important to understand that all
initiations are beginnings and not endings. I have found continual unfolding

of attunement and depth in the basic practices that many others may set
aside as being part of their past practice as beginners.
There are times when magickal practitioners can lose their love for
magick despite engaging in complex rituals and magickal practices. I’ve
had many witches tell me that their magick was no longer working and that
they were getting bored with the Craft. This may lead them down other
avenues of exploration in regard to spirituality, but in my experience is
usually a call to revisit the basics. It is within the basics that we can find
new depth. I have seen dedicated and earnest seekers begin to radiate
energetically just from grounding and centering themselves.
Whatever you touch will touch you back. The simplest way that I can try
to explain it is that when you spend time touching the core of the earth,
soaking in the stars, communing with the moon, aligning with the elements,
working with the gods and spirits—it changes a person. It’s as if their
wavelength begins synchronizing to different wavelengths and the person’s
energy hums like a symphony. Sometimes we feel this through psychic
means, but often we experience it as just an intensely strong comfort with
the individual, a sense of familiarity and kinship, and a high level of
respect, even if we don’t recognize exactly why. There’s just this knowing
in regard to the nature of their heart and spirit. I believe this is because
we’re feeling the energies within them that we spend so much time with
ourselves, so there’s this recognition. You can feel the energies that they’ve
spent time with because you’ve spent time with those energies as well.
There’s just this je ne sais quoi about them.
Witchcraft is often considered a crooked path that weaves serpentine
between the right-hand and left-hand paths. I am not convinced that this
path has a destination, but rather that the path itself is about the journey. I
suspect that this serpentine path is ouroboric, having no true beginning or

I’m Here to Help

As a practicing witch who is very active in both my local community and
the greater online community—and through my experience as a
professional psychic interacting with other psychics—I have noticed
something. There are a lot of witches that are not that great when it comes
to psychic abilities; there are also a lot of talented psychics who are
absolutely blocked when it comes to magick and manifestation. I have met
so many witches who are completely unsure if the spirits and gods that
they’re working with are even there, or are unsure if they’ve cast a circle or
raised energy other than the simple fact that they followed directions. It’s
like they’re working completely blind. I have also met psychics who can
give other people fantastic life advice and clarity but struggle to pay their
rent, remove obstacles, and manifest opportunities.
This is by no means a judgment; rather, it’s something that I understand
from my own experience as well. There were many early years when I
would try casting spells, and they just wouldn’t work. I would follow the
instructions, have the right ingredients, and recite all the words—yet it
would still fall short of manifesting any sort of concrete outcome. Magick
isn’t about empty rituals, words, or objects. The key to magick is the
manipulation of energy, and energy is best worked with when it can be
Through the years of my deep immersion within both the psychic and
magickal worlds, I began seeing how these two abilities not only work
together but also how greatly they complement and strengthen one another.
You can use magick to enhance your psychic ability, and you can use
psychic ability to enhance your magick. I have sought out some of the most
prominent and well-respected teachers of magick and psychic ability to
study with through the years, and this has only strengthened my conclusion
that they’re not merely intertwined—they are two halves of one whole.
Through the experience of my own practice, and through years of
actively teaching others both psychic and magickal development, I have
been able to boil down the foundations of awakening to your psychic senses
and wielding energy. I have left room for experimentation and adaptability.

There are absolutely no one-size-fits-all methods for perceiving and
working with energy. Individuals are individuals, and we’re all wired
differently—thus, different things work for different folks. I have kept this
in mind throughout the book and will help you to explore your own
relationship to these methods. I have also stripped away techniques and
trappings that are specific to certain traditions of witchcraft as much as
possible. What is left are core ideas and components that are similar
throughout the various traditions I have trained in, and among teachers of
other traditions that I’ve read and spoken with, such as the Three Souls and
the Three World models.
Through my own experimentation, I have found that there are ways
around certain culturally specific practices without appropriating them as
our own, simply by using a cosmological system that is a bit more universal
in nature. While the Divine is touched upon, I have left room for you to
modify this based on your own spiritual beliefs and have also provided
some angles to work through this for those who are more atheistic in their
approach to witchcraft or psychic ability. I have approached the subject of
the Divine through the vague term of Spirit, which is open to personal
interpretation such as the Divine Mind, the Universe, Source, God,
Goddess, or the Star Goddess—even if your interpretation is that it’s a
psychological tool to access something deeper within you.
You may also notice that there are few to no tools or materials necessary
for the work in this book aside from your mind, body, and spirit; it lacks the
pomp and circumstance of what is viewed as a traditional spell. That is
intentional; I want the reader to understand and master the energies that
they’re working with before they venture into proper spellwork. Mastering
the perception and manipulation of energy is crucial before you move
forward to effective spellcasting. However, you will be amazed at what you
can do with only your mind, body, and spirit.
My aim is not to assist you in becoming merely a powerful psychic or a
powerful witch, but to make you a powerful psychic witch. To me, a
psychic witch is one who not only perceives information with all of their

inner and outer senses in all of the realms of reality but one who is also able
to directly experience, interact with, and manipulate them for their own
advantage. Throughout this book, I will be sharing some of my most closely
guarded tips, secrets, practices, and meditations. While it may be tempting
to skip around to sections that seem interesting to you, I strongly advise
viewing this as a course in which all elements build upon one another.
You’ll also be given exercises along with a model of the soul, a model of
different planes of existence, and concepts related to divinity. Regardless of
what your personal beliefs are surrounding these topics, I encourage you to
approach this book as if the concepts are true, as they’re serving a purpose
and building toward something else.
I encourage you to learn the rules, cosmology, and praxis as laid out here
before modifying them to reflect your own tradition or spiritual path. Due to
the spiritual and metaphysical nature of these topics, it’s hard to say with
any certainty that this is the way that things are. But I can say with certainty
that following the concepts as if they are true will yield great results. At the
least, view it as a giant thought experiment of holding it to be true for the
purposes of this book. Learn the rules first and break them when you’ve
thoroughly experienced and understood them as I’m teaching them.
I believe that different people get different things out of witchcraft and
spirituality. But for those with a focus on mastering magick, witchcraft
takes work. It takes dedication. It takes perseverance. For some, these
statements will stir up insecurities of inadequacy, and that isn’t my
intention. My intention here is to hopefully inspire and motivate you in your
Though I teach and share, I see myself as a seeker and a student first and
foremost. I sincerely believe that an earnest beginner witch lighting a
candle for the first time and making a simple wish with a focused will can
be infinitely more powerful than a seasoned witch who is performing a
complicated rite from an archaic book of magick for the same goal, if that
seasoned witch is just going through the motions without sincerity. It all

depends on the level of work that they’ve put into their path and practice
and how much of their heart is in it.
From where I am in my path it appears to me that mastery is not so much
about reaching a specific end goal, but instead about seeing how deep you
can take practice and striving to better your experience with it. Meditation,
for example, is one of the most straightforward techniques out there—but it
is also one of the most profound and transformative. The simple act of
closing your eyes, focusing on nothing but your breath, can seem basic and
easily tempting to rush through. But how many people do you know who
cannot meditate, who cannot clear their minds or focus on solely one thing
with every sense engaged with it?
You can’t build a magnificent structure on a weak foundation and expect
it to stand the test of time. Regardless of where you are on your path, ensure
that part of your daily spiritual and magickal routine involves deepening
into the basics. How much deeper can a simple practice element of magick
go? I encourage you not to lose sight of the foundations. We practice
witchcraft—perhaps because it is something that can never truly be
mastered, but rather something that we deepen and strive to perfect just a
little better every time we engage in it.
This book is written for everyone regardless of experience level and is
meant to be an entry point for some. While some of the fundamental
practices and concepts may seem basic to more seasoned practitioners, I
encourage you to revisit them with me. Being adept in these fields isn’t
about how complex you build upon the foundation, but how much richness
you can gain in your practices by diving into the core elements. You may
discover a new level of depth by returning to them. It is my hope that this
book will present these practices and ideas in a new light that both the
novice seeker and the most seasoned practitioner can sink their teeth into.

Chapter 1



itchcraft and psychic ability are natural human traits that we as
a species have slowly lost touch with in the post-industrial age. Witchcraft
is known by countless names. Depending on the culture and period, the
terms may be different and may carry different connotations, but the heart is
the same. In older times, the witch was the one who had what was known as
“the power,” or what we call today the ability to use magick. The psychic,
on the other hand, was one who had “the sight” or “second sight,” the
ability to see and sense beyond the five physical senses.
But what exactly is witchcraft? Witchcraft is an umbrella term for many
different practices, and the definition of a witch may vary from person to
person. I have come to think of witchcraft as being as unique and diverse as
the individual soul of the person, since the way each person relates to and
interacts with unseen spiritual forces is going to be unique to them.
Witchcraft and psychic ability are not just merely practices or crafts. They
are a state of being and an orientation. In other words, it’s how we orient
ourselves with our environment, both seen and unseen reality. The psychic
and the witch are both occultists. “The occult” means that which is hidden,
just as the moon eclipsing the sun hides the sunlight. The occultist studies
and interacts with these hidden truths, peering beyond the veil of
perception. They understand that there is a metaphysical reality that
transcends our ordinary senses of physical reality.
As an orientation, some may be born with a more natural disposition to
experience and interact with the metaphysical, just as some people are born

with more of a predisposition to athletic or artistic skill and talent than
others. This is not to say that only those who are born with that innate
openness can be witches or psychics, but rather that it is an orientation.
is a position or perspective of someone relative to something else. This
means that one can reorient oneself toward the metaphysical through study,
practice, work, and experience.
One who may not have been as naturally predisposed to the occult has
the potential to surpass those who do have this orientation yet never work at
enhancing it. You don’t have to have been born a certain way or have any
natural talent to become a talented psychic or witch. You just need earnest
effort and dedication. It is also my belief that some witches are so good at
the occult that they’ve obscured the fact that they’re natural witches from
even themselves. Some of the most powerful witches I have ever met would
be horrified at being called a witch.
The experience of the metaphysical is perceived through the clairs. The
clairs, meaning “clear” in French, have a more precise perception and
experience of the five ordinary senses that extends beyond their usual
limitations. In other words, the clairs are often defined as extrasensory
perception. With extrasensory perception, sight becomes clairvoyance,
touch becomes clairtangency, taste becomes clairgustance, hearing becomes
clairaudience, and smell becomes clairalience. Among the clairs, one may
also have clairempathy (psychic emotional experiences), clairsentience
(psychic physical sensations within the body), and claircognizance (psychic
Despite this, I have come to believe that extrasensory perception isn’t
necessarily our senses extended beyond our physical or ordinary senses—
though that’s how it’s defined and an easy way to explain it. Rather, I have
come to believe that our psychic senses are our primary senses, the senses
we have as spirit beings, and our physical senses are extensions of those
primary psychic senses. We come into this world and into the womb with
our psychic senses fully developed; it’s only after birth, as a child develops

and ages, that these psychic senses recede while our physical senses take
over. As physical beings, our physical senses are limited to as far as one can
touch, hear, taste, smell, and so on. But as spiritual beings, which we are
before and after physical incarnation, our psychic senses are limitless.
The terms psychic ability and intuition are often used interchangeably
and are related concepts, but I distinguish between the two. Intuition is the
unconscious processing of sensory information in one’s environment to
come to a particular conclusion. Psychic ability, on the other hand, is the
processing of extrasensory perception that doesn’t rely on primary sensory
information about one’s environment. Intuition feels more natural and
ordinary to most people and usually falls into the claircognizance category
of just knowing or the clairempathy category of feeling a certain way about
something without knowing why one does.
In other words, intuition is based on perceivable external environmental
information, whereas psychic ability is not. The two often work
synchronistically together, and by becoming more in tune with your
intuition, you will become a stronger psychic as you learn to listen to
yourself and notice how you perceive information. I view intuition as the
Middle Self processing information from the Lower Self, and psychic
ability as the Middle Self processing information from the Higher Self.
These are concepts which we’ll dive into more thoroughly later.
At all times, subtle hidden forces are affecting our lives. We may be
aware of this and interact with them. We may also be completely unaware
and still interact with them. The ability to interact and manipulate energy
without perceiving it is what occult author and teacher Ivo Dominguez Jr.
calls “a noir perception,” noir being the French word for dark. It’s an
inability to clearly perceive the energy being manipulated on a conscious
psychic level, but an ability to manage the energy still.1 Many modern
witches fall under this category. They may conduct a whole spell or ritual
without ever perceiving any of the energy that is moving around during

their casting. Likewise, many psychics may perceive energies but cannot
consciously interact or alter them.
The psychic witch, however, has a direct perception and interaction with
the concealed forces of reality. The psychic witch communes with the
spirits, the rocks, the streams, the stars, and the wind. They come to see and
understand the underlying hidden programs and processes that compose the
Universe. They observe the patterns and begin to understand the laws of
cause and effect, being able to see the unfolding of one part of life and trace
the chain back to the source cause. They can look at the things being put
into motion at the moment and predict how they will play out in the future.
The psychic witch lives in a state of enchantment, seeing all things as
magickal and understanding that the Universe is composed of endless
possibilities and potential. The psychic witch sees a door where others see a
wall. Recognizing that all things are connected and related to one another,
the psychic witch knows how to put energies into action to achieve a
particular outcome consciously. This is magick. Magick is the manipulation
of subtle energies in a specific manner to influence a desired result. It is
through altering consciousness and harnessing one’s willpower that the
psychic witch can cast magick purposefully and with precision.

Reality Is Energy
Reality is composed entirely of energy. Mystics, psychics, witches, and
other practitioners of magick have always known this truth. This isn’t just a
mystical perspective—it’s also the nature of physics. Everything that seems
solid is merely energy vibrating at a slower rate; when we examine it on
microscopic levels we find that solid matter is made of particles perpetually
in motion. Even this book you’re holding is just energy. Everything we can
touch, hear, see, taste, and smell is simply energy in different forms being
perceived by our senses, but energy is not limited to what we can measure
with our senses.

There’s energy that exceeds our normal five senses. Those who are more
skeptical will often say things such as “seeing is believing” or may scoff at
the idea of unseen energy. Yet it only takes a quick look around us to
understand that we cannot perceive or see all the energy around us.
Magnetic fields and radiation are examples of energies that we’re constantly
interacting with that are invisible to our eyes, as are wireless signals and
ultraviolet light.
Our perception also differs from that of other animals, who experience
reality on different levels. Animals perceive energetic information that
would seem supernatural if a human were to naturally sense it in the same
way. There are animals and insects that can perceive a much broader
spectrum of light and color than humans. There are also frequencies of
sound (which is an energy, too) inaudible to human beings that other
animals can hear. While we can hear a wide spectrum of sound waves, we
cannot hear them all.
The noise coming from a dog whistle is energy that our bodies are not
equipped to perceive, yet dogs most definitely hear it. There’s also a
bombardment of radio waves that we’re interacting with that cannot be
heard without using a device to tune into that specific frequency. Seemingly
psychic to the human, dogs can be trained to smell cancer on someone.
There are even energies that are experienced completely differently by
some animals. Dolphins and bats can use sound through echolocation and
experience it as a form of sight. Migratory birds have a perception of the
magnetic field and about the weather that informs their migration and that is
still a bit of a mystery to scientists.
But why? Evolution has wired humans and animals to scan the
environment for information that is vital for survival. In other words, we
have evolved so that our perception is directly related to what we need to
know to survive. Our senses as we perceive them are merely meant to help
us survive daily existence so that our species can continue living in a
physical reality. Forms of perception that are not considered important to
survival in a species will be abandoned as evolution proceeds in favor of

developing senses that do. Furthermore, we live in a society that has a
strong focus on the “real world” with an emphasis on what can be
perceived. This often leads to a suppression of any senses beyond the five
physical ones, yet they aren’t gone—they’re still there.
Have you ever thought of someone you haven’t communicated with in a
long time and suddenly they called or texted you? Have you ever had a gut
feeling about someone or a situation that turned out to be correct? Have you
experienced déjà vu or had a dream that came to pass? Almost everybody
has had moments when these other senses have suddenly opened, even if
it’s short-lived. We still have a whole system of perception that has only
gone dormant in our species but is still there waiting to reawaken.
This also carries through when it comes to the psychic perception of
subtle energy. Subtle energies are energies that aren’t necessarily
measurable or detectable to our senses or through science. We often have a
hard time understanding a lot of the energy that we receive as information,
simply because we’re not programmed to understand it. We do not have a
very precise way to describe energy as we perceive it, as our vocabulary for
it is very underdeveloped. For example, until a child learns about the
concept of green as a word, they may have a hard time discerning it from
other colors. They also have a difficult time distinguishing colors that have
similar hues. Once the child learns a larger vocabulary for the colors they
see, they can not only name them but discern and differentiate “forest
green” from “lime green.” When it comes to energy perception, our words
are not as accurate as they are for other senses we perceive until we learn a
vocabulary for different energies.
This is true also for the perception of our senses like taste and smell, if
you think about it. Think about how wine connoisseurs describe complex
tastes such as wine. They’ll use words like earthy, fruity, buttery, toasty,
flamboyant, sharp, oaky, charcoal, velvety, and many others. This is
because the mind can’t find precise words in our language for what it’s
experiencing, so it tries to reference words that somehow describe the
quality of what is on the palate as well as it can. We simply lack the

language for it. Yet, to the average person, wine may not seem so complex.
The same holds true for those who are musicians; they hear music
differently because they understand the subtle changes of pitches, keys,
harmonies, and melodies. Thus, they have an easier time talking about
music since they have a vocabulary for it. The same is true with subtle
energy. Learning to describe the qualities of different energies allows for
precision. The precision of discerning and describing energies is what
makes someone an effective psychic witch.
To the psychic witch, all subtle energy is a form of information. We
receive energetic information that informs us about other people, events,
situations, and our world around us. It allows us to have better judgment
and ensure that we’re on the right path. We can also conjure and manipulate
energetic information and send it out into our world to actively affect those
paths and their outcomes.

Brainwave States
So how do we begin perceiving energy beyond our five primary senses?
Radios work by transmitting on different hertz frequencies. By tuning in to
the right channel with the appropriate frequency on your radio, you are able
to perceive that once unperceivable frequency. Like radio waves, our brains
produce subtle electrical impulses generated by masses of neurons
communicating to each other for particular activities that we are engaged in,
and create specific states of consciousness. Each brainwave state is named
after a Greek letter and is measured by the cycles per second called hertz.
There are five brainwave states: gamma, beta, alpha, theta, and delta. Each
one is distinguished by their hertz cycle, though there’s area of overlap. By
learning to alter our brainwave states we learn to alter our consciousness.
GAMMA—38–42 hertz: Once thought to be random brain noise, the
mysterious gamma is the fastest brainwave state. Researchers have
found that gamma is highly active when in universal love and

transcendental states of consciousness associated with enlightenment.
Some Tibetan Buddhist monks and some Indian yogis are able to
display this brainwave state while meditating.
BETA—12–28 hertz: Beta occurs while we’re awake, alert, and
concentrating on something. This is the most common brainwave state
that we engage in as humans. Excitement, anxiety, stress, decisionmaking, critical thinking, and focused attention are associated with
ALPHA—7.5–13 hertz: Alpha occurs while we’re relaxed, meditating,
visualizing, and daydreaming. Alpha has access to the subconscious
mind and occurs when we are receiving information passively, such as
learning. Alpha is the state of consciousness that is most associated
with psychic ability, and the state of consciousness linked with
THETA—4–7 hertz: Theta occurs before and after sleep. It is associated
with light sleep, deep meditation, deep dreaming, vivid imagery, and
high levels of inner awareness. In theta we become completely
unaware of the external world.
DELTA—1–3 hertz: Delta occurs during periods of deep dreamless sleep
and is associated with the deepest states of meditation. Healing and
regenerating are associated with this state of consciousness, which is
why deep sleep can be deeply healing.
As you can see, alpha and theta are the brainwave states that are
associated with psychic perception. What is the main difference between
these two? In alpha, you can still function. You can talk, you can walk, you
can perform a ritual or spell, or you can give a tarot reading, whereas you
can’t (or at least effectively) while in theta, as you’re beginning to fall
asleep and beginning to lose an awareness of the external world as the inner
realms of dreams begin to take over the perception of the external world.

To be a quality psychic you need to be able to reach a clear state
somewhere between alpha and theta without falling asleep. Luckily, science
has shown that all we need to do for our brain to begin generating alpha
waves is to simply close our eyes for a small period and start visualizing. To
reach theta all we need to do is begin visualizing and make those images
within our Witch Eye much more vivid. It is in this state of mind that we
get lost in daydream, replay memories in an immersive manner, as well as
having access to unconscious images and perception.
The pineal gland is the Witch Eye and is referred to commonly as the
third eye or the mind’s eye. The pineal gland is about pea sized and is
located in the middle of your head. If you place a finger on the top of your
head right in the center and a finger on a spot above and between your
eyebrows, where those two points meet is the location of the pineal gland. If
you were to slice the human brain in half vertically between right and left
hemispheres you would see that the pineal gland looks like an eye with
glands surrounding it in a shape similar to the Egyptian Eye of Horus or
Eye of Ra. Interestingly, the pineal gland itself looks a lot like a tiny
While scientists aren’t completely sure what the exact purpose of the
pineal gland is in humans, we do know that in lower vertebrate animals that
it acts in sync with their eyes as a sort of third eye, and contains light
receptors and nerve cells, but this isn’t the case in human beings where
there are no light-sensitive receptors. However, we can see a link between
the pineal gland, our eyes, and light, as we do know that the pineal gland
sends neural signals for melatonin output and has a circadian rhythm
associated with cycles of light and dark. Light is received by the eyes and
sent to the brain via the optic nerve, which radiates to the nerves that supply
the pineal gland. Darkness increases the output of norepinephrine, which is
a neurotransmitter that releases melatonin, while light reduces the output.2
Melatonin is also fairly mysterious. Some researchers believe that there’s
a link between melatonin, sleep, and relaxation.3 Many people who take

melatonin as a supplement report much more vivid dreams as well. Here we
see a possible link between light, the pineal gland, relaxation, and
dreaming. Since both relaxation and brainwave states associated with
daydreaming and light dreaming are important for psychic perception, you
may start to realize that this is one of many reasons that witches and
psychics tend to prefer to work in dimly lit spaces with candlelight in lieu
of bright atmospheres. That’s because there’s more melatonin being
produced, which may activate a more naturally relaxed state conducive to
alpha, and the pineal gland is actively working.
Laurie Cabot, a world-renowned psychic and the Official Witch of
Salem4 believes that psychic perception occurs in the alpha state, because
while you are in a trance state, your eyes begin to roll upward naturally
toward the pineal gland.5 She believes that all psychic information is unseen
light and that the pineal gland receives this information and interprets it.
When we’re in alpha, there’s a direct conversation going on between the
conscious mind and the pineal gland.
Exercise 1

Preliminary Focus
This is the first vital exercise to master before moving on. It may seem very
simple at first, but you may find it’s a bit more difficult than you expected.
This is the ability to keep your mind entirely focused on one mental task.
Affirm to yourself out loud or in your head that when you reach the number
zero, you will be in the alpha brainwave state of consciousness. Proceed by
counting down from the number one hundred to zero.
At this stage, it’s unimportant whether you visualize the numbers in your
Witch Eye or not. What is important is that the number you are on is the
only thing that you are focused on at the moment. If you get distracted or
realize that your mind has wandered, simply start over again. Once you
have accomplished this successfully without any other thoughts invading,

then see if you can achieve it three times in a row, stating your affirmation
at the beginning each time. Once you have this down, you’re ready to move

A Childlike Wonder
Children are often regarded as being more naturally psychic and magickal,
and I would agree with this. In fact, there’s a quote that’s passed among
several different traditions of witchcraft as a wisdom saying that is
attributed to Lady Circe, a famous and influential witch, which states, “If
you would walk the witch’s way, observe with care the child at play.” There
indeed is wisdom and a key in this brief maxim.
There are a couple of factors that stick out to me about children and their
predisposition to the psychic and magickal. The first is that children are
fully engaged when they’re having fun. The second is that their
imaginations are in full swing. I believe this wise saying has a lot to do with
those two factors. In fact, the most magickally talented people I know are
fun people and mind-blowingly imaginative and creative. When children
are having fun they’re totally plugged in because they’re engaged. Children
seek out play, creativity, and fun.
Now think of a child that’s not having fun. Think of a child who is
completely bored. They’re completely resistant even if that’s not their
intention. If you put a child in detention or sit them down for a boring class
lecture, more often than not they will begin daydreaming. They’re naturally
wired to engage with their imagination. They are tuned into the alpha and
theta brainwave states naturally, which are the same brainwave states that
are activated when one begins daydreaming or engages their imagination.
Most of all, children essentially have a permission slip from society to be
imaginative. Until about the age of seven years old they are predominantly
in the alpha and theta brainwave states, meaning they are more prone to
psychic experiences.6 It is only as they grow older that imagination and
creativity are condemned in favor of being practical, logical, and serious. It

is then that these forms of perception begin to be suppressed and begin to
go dormant waiting to be reawakened once again.
It is logical to conclude that this is the natural human state, as it’s how
children naturally are as they’re being conditioned by external forces.
Luckily, I have good news for you. You are a human and you were once a
child. That means you already have the ability to reboot this part of your
nature with a little bit of work, and I’m here to help you with this. We’re
going to start with a seemingly silly exercise of make-believe!
Exercise 2

Psychic Immersion
This is a very simple exercise, but you may surprise yourself with it. I want
you to pick a day to pretend that you are an all-knowing and always
accurate psychic. Conjure up examples of the all-knowing psychic
archetype such as a mysterious fortune teller, or the witch who sees all and
knows all.
It’s important to not half-ass it. Really immerse yourself in the role just
as a child would when playing make-believe with friends or alone to
entertain themselves. Pretend you can see auras; what would those auras
look like on different people? You don’t have to actually know how to see
auras yet, we’re just pretending, so assign them a color based on how
they’re acting or who they are. The color doesn’t need to match a list of
aura color meanings. Make predictions throughout the day, and don’t get
discouraged if they end up being wrong; remember, this is just makebelieve and you’re makebelieving that you’re always right.
You can practice with a friend as well. In my workshops, I will have
strangers partner up and they’ll take turns pretending they’re psychic and
will proceed to just start making up a bunch of information about the person
they’re paired with. Who are they? What’s their story? Where do they come
from? What do they want out of life? What are their hopes and fears?

The key here is that the person being read can only confirm accurate
statements and not tell them when they’re wrong. The person being read
will write down all the hits that they got correct. This is very important in
any psychic development exercise that involves more than one person.
Someone can be dead on the money and one piece of information may be
off or wrong and as soon as they hear “no” the reader completely shuts
down with doubt and no longer is able to convey accurate information
because doubt has taken over.
This exercise is meant to give you permission to use your imagination
and have fun outside of your normal comfort zones. It lifts the barriers of
conditioning that suppress our ability to use these creative faculties and
employ them in our daily lives. It also builds confidence, because it’s
extremely common that, while pretending, they will hit on a bunch of
accurate information, especially the longer that they’re in character and the
deeper they go. However, accuracy is not the focus here. We will learn how
to be accurate psychics as we proceed. But we first need to learn to crawl
before we can run.
At the end of the day write your experience down. How did it feel to
roleplay and immerse yourself into the character? Was it fun? Empowering?
Uncomfortable? Could you feel societal programming creeping in, telling
you that this was all nonsense? Were there any accurate hits? Was there
anything that came to you that you’re not able to verify yet?
Be honest in recording your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Lying or
holding back in your journal won’t serve you. Part of the journaling
experience is about seeing how you’ve grown through time and seeing what
worked and what didn’t work. Staying honest with how you truly feel and
what you truly experienced is going to assist you in growing as a psychic

Affirmations and Neuroplasticity

The power of affirmations is easily overlooked. Affirmations are simply
positive statements about oneself, usually worded in the present tense and
spoken out loud repeatedly for the purpose of programming yourself in a
certain manner. As psychic witches, we understand the power of the spoken
word and the power of thoughts. We understand that the internal world and
external world are intricately linked. We know it’s important that we take
control of our own minds and energy so that we can step into our personal
Affirmations can change how you think. How? The brain is constantly
creating and strengthening electro-chemical neural pathways that are used
the most through constant stimulation. If a certain way of thinking is
repeated, consciously or unconsciously, those pathways become the
predominant ones used, leading to thinking or feeling in this manner more
and more. This is called neuroplasticity. Now, energetically the same is true.
Energy pathways that are used more become strengthened and easier to
access, while those that are ignored become weakened. The energy body
has its own form of memory.
A specific affirmation must be used daily and over prolonged periods of
time. Those neuropathways and those energetic channels to those thoughtforms aren’t going to change overnight. Real change takes time and work.
The most successful people I know and the most powerful witches I have
met have all embraced affirmations. Affirmations have done wonders in my
life and definitely shouldn’t be overlooked.
Exercise 3

Psychic Affirmations
Now it’s your turn to do it. Every time you look in the mirror, stop and look
yourself in the eyes. Affirm to yourself statements of your psychic prowess
along with affirmations of self-love and self-empowerment. At that
moment, believe every single thing that you’re saying with all of your
being. I could have you start by saying it daily for a week, or over a month,

but honestly you should just incorporate affirmations into your daily life.
Here are ten example affirmations that will help boost your psychic ability:
“I am psychic.”
“I receive accurate information.”
“I can feel and see subtle energy.”
“My Witch Eye perceives with clarity.”
“I can perceive the past, present, and future with accuracy.”
“My psychic powers are growing every day.”
“Psychic ability is easy and comes naturally for me.”
“I receive guidance in my dreams and remember it.”
“I trust my intuition.”
“I am thankful for my ever-growing psychic gifts.”

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Chapter 2



editation is the foundation of all psychic ability and, in my
personal opinion, all acts of magick. By investing in the practice of
meditation, you are investing in your psychic and magickal ability. By
learning to relax and by doing breath work we can quickly shift our
brainwave state and level of consciousness, which puts us in an altered state
that allows us to receive psychic information and perceive energies more
readily. Why? Meditation teaches us about how our minds work, how to
focus, and how to direct our awareness and therefore our will. Meditation is
the greatest tool to enhancing your psychic ability and your magickal
It’s through meditation that we begin to know ourselves and our minds.
Our minds are always filled with excess noise and imagery. Sometimes that
noise and imagery is our creation, other times it’s programming developed
from a bombardment of information. By meditating, we learn how to
silence our mind. Think of your mind as if it were a pond. If the pond is
murky, we can’t see anything beyond its surface. Through meditation, we
clear this pond. When the pond is crystal clear, we can see both the bottom
of the pond and anything that is reflecting upon the water’s surface. We can
then differentiate between what is being reflected in it and what is deep
within it. The pond reflects without judgment or bias when completely
clear. It is through this clarity that we can accurately begin receiving
psychic impressions with the least amount of interference.

Meditation is a straightforward practice, but that doesn’t mean that it’s
easy. I often hear people complaining about meditation or stating that they
cannot do it. This is because meditation requires concentration, and
genuinely concentrating on something with our full undivided attention can
prove much more difficult than it sounds. The unfocused mind is often
compared to a monkey, and in meditative practices, it is sometimes referred
to as “monkey mind.” Think of a monkey who cannot sit still and is swiftly
moving through a jungle, swinging from one tree branch of thought to
another tree branch. Through meditation, we learn to tame that monkey
mind so that it can sit still and focus.
The biggest pitfalls in meditation involve making excuses not to
meditate, treating it as a burden, giving in to the monkey mind, or feeling
you’re doing it wrong. If you treat meditation like a burdensome chore you
have to do, you most likely will feel resistance toward it and begin making
excuses not to do it. However, if you can treat meditation as a method of
rest and rejuvenation of your mind, body, and spirit, it won’t feel like a
burden and you will instead begin welcoming it.
The key to meditation is becoming aware of your focus and
concentration. When we sit for meditation, and we fall into monkey mind,
we begin thinking about everything our mind can conjure rather than focus.
When this occurs, we acknowledge that this has happened, release the
thought we were caught up in, and return our minds to the point of focus.
Many people will begin judging themselves that they’re doing it wrong or
cannot meditate because of monkey mind. On the contrary! By
acknowledging and being conscious of monkey mind and returning our
focus, we are on the right track for meditation. We are training ourselves to
focus, and we aren’t going to be masters of meditation right away.

An Open-Minded Attitude
The most significant key that you will ever have to unlock meditation,
psychic ability, magick, or energy work is your attitude. More specifically it

is an attitude often referred to as a “beginner’s mind.” The truth is, there is
no such thing as mastery of these fields, if by “mastery” we mean “learning
everything there is and having nothing further to learn, gain, or experience.”
These areas are lifelong practices and studies. When someone falsely
believes they know everything there is to know about these subjects,
they’ve made an unconscious decision to stop their development and
growth. The beginner’s mind is an attitude of enthusiasm and openness, and
an ability to learn more about something as if they are entirely new to these
fields. This also prevents these practices from growing old, becoming
boring, or having any development go dormant. Think again of children
when they’re learning something new that excites and fascinates them. This
is beginner’s mind.
German occultist Jan Fries states that “real magick is not merely an
assortment of skills and techniques. It’s more like an open-minded attitude,
a blend of interest and dedication, which allows each honest mage to
observe, to learn, to adapt, and to invent unique ways of changing identity
and reality from within.” 7
With any spiritual or metaphysical practice, you reap what you sow. In
other words, the more time, energy, and dedication that you invest in
developing and maintaining these practices, the greater your results will be.
In this way, think of it like working out. The more regularly you work out,
the better your health and fitness will be. Eventually, you’ll be able to
advance to heavier weights, longer and faster runs, etc. However, if you
begin to slack off for a period or become overconfident about what you can
do when you approach these things again, you can burn yourself out or even
hurt yourself. By keeping a beginner’s mind and attitude, you can prevent
yourself from falling out of a disciplined routine or burning out.
A common thing that happens with people when they begin meditation is
that they’ll start to fall asleep, no matter how hard they try to stay awake,
and this has happened to me as well. About ten years ago, when I would
take on these advanced courses on energy work and psychic ability, this

would happen to me. You would have thought someone had drugged me. I
was so enthusiastic and slightly arrogant about what I could do if I pushed
myself. About five minutes into each session I would begin falling into a
deep sleep and would wake up right as the exercise was ending. However, I
would never fall asleep when the meditations were much more
straightforward, even though the duration of the training was the same. One
theory I heard that I resonate with is that this occurs when people are taking
on more psychic activity or energy than they can handle and process. So to
cope with it, the mind tells itself to fall asleep and to disregard what it is
doing in an act of self-preservation.
It’s beneficial to be in an environment where you’re entirely undisturbed
and feel completely relaxed. If you choose to meditate inside, you will want
to ensure that all your electronic devices and distractions such as phones are
turned off or not in the environment at all. A cluttered or messy room will
make it harder to feel relaxed and at peace. You also want a place with a bit
of natural lighting and a fresh flow of air. Creating an atmosphere that feels
psychologically peaceful is also beneficial. You may want to listen to
soothing instrumental music, or light incense. Alternatively, you may find
music and incense distracting. Everyone is a bit different in what calms
them. If you choose to meditate outside, it’s best to pick a place where you
are all alone and where you won’t be distracted by other people, devices, or
You will also want to ensure that you’re physically comfortable. Make
sure that you aren’t wearing any clothing that feels restricting, binding, or
uncomfortable. It’s best to sit down with your feet on the ground or, if you
prefer, you may want to sit on the ground with your legs crossed under you.
Regardless of how you sit, you want to ensure that your spine is straight and
that your head and shoulders aren’t slumping.
Exercise 4

Learning to Focus with Basic Meditation

Begin by sitting in a comfortable position somewhere that you won’t be
disturbed. Make sure that your legs and arms aren’t crossed unless you’re
intentionally sitting on the floor in a cross-legged position. Set a timer for
five minutes. Close your eyes and breathe. Don’t try to force your breath or
to control it. Just breathe in a way that feels natural to you. Bring your
awareness to your breathing. Follow it with your intention as the air flows
in and out of your body. Notice how your body responds to breath. Trace its
path inside of your body with every inhalation. Focus on nothing except
your breath. If you start to think about other things, your mind begins to
wander, and that monkey brain tries acting up, just return to your breathing
without scolding or criticizing yourself.
Try meditating like this at least once a day. Slowly build up to ten
minutes, then twenty, then half an hour. It may feel like a struggle at first,
and there will be days when you really feel resistant to meditating at all, but
it’s important to keep with the practice of daily meditation to build your
ability to focus. Your mind will wander many times. This isn’t inherently a
good or bad thing. It’s part of the process of understanding how your mind
works and how to override what it wants to do undisciplined. Whenever
your mind wanders don’t see it as failing, see it as succeeding in meditation.
If this meditation were a workout, your wandering thoughts would be the
weight you’re lifting. You don’t scold yourself for the weight being heavy.
You lift it. You don’t berate yourself for having wandering thoughts, you
acknowledge them and bring your focus back to your breath, breathing
Exercise 5

Treasure Chest for Stress
The treasure chest for stress is a technique I developed based on a method I
learned for Tibetan Dream Yoga. This technique relaxes you and can be
used not only to help with psychic ability before a session, but can also be
used before bed as you fall asleep to help promote lucid dreaming and astral

projection. The best part of this technique is that it’s made to assist with
problem-solving on a deep subconscious level to help remove more stress
from your life.
Begin by sitting down, getting comfortable and closing your eyes.
Perform the Preliminary Focus (Exercise 1). Take a deep breath. As you
exhale, feel your breath drawing out any stress or tension that you may be
holding on to at the moment. Pretend that time is beginning to slow down.
As time slows down, you become more aware of your inner being. As you
become more aware of your spiritual nature, your surroundings begin to
drift away and out of focus.
Imagine that there’s a golden treasure chest in front of you that unlocks
and opens. Out of the chest emerges a small whirlwind. Take a moment and
quickly go through your day, as if it were on fast-forward from when you
woke up until right now. As you go through the day, if there’s anything that
has stressed you out or that has upset you, focus on it. Take a deep breath
and as you exhale imagine that situation leaving your body through your
breath like a cloud.
Feel this cloud carrying all of your stress, anxiety, thoughts, and
emotions about the situation as it floats over the chest. Visualize those
feelings and thoughts as they’re sucked into the whirlwind and into the
treasure chest. Consciously acknowledge that you are letting it go for now.
Repeat this technique until you’ve released all the stress from the day.
When you are finished, you may choose to open the chest. All the stress
that you had put into the chest has been transformed into solutions. These
solutions beam out of the treasure chest like a rainbow arching up in the air
and falling all around you. Take a moment to feel a calmness and an inner
strength to take on the challenges of life. Know that the treasure chest has
infused the circumstances with solutions that will allow you to solve them
soon from a relaxed state. See the treasure chest close and lock.

Focused Flow, Not Force

Learning to relax deeply enhances our quality of life in such a stressful
world. Learning to relax is the first step when you want to begin engaging
in meditation or energy work. After calming the body one then eases the
mind to start tapping into a focused state of consciousness, eliminating any
mental background noise. Clarity of the body is crucial for clarity of the
mind, emotions, and will.
Relaxation is an integral part of any psychic work. Relaxation puts us in
a state of non-attachment where we aren’t holding on to things that will
hinder our telepathic reception. By relaxing our body and mind, we are
releasing emotional, mental, and physical distractions. Being in a state of
relaxation allows for receptivity and clarity, which opens us to a state of
mindfulness. Mindfulness promotes awareness, and awareness is the key to
One of the biggest pitfalls I find when someone begins pursuing psychic
development is that they try entirely too hard. I don’t mean that they’re
putting too much effort into the development itself. What I mean is they
tend to try to force the unfolding of psychic ability by pushing themselves
too hard with the exercises, techniques, and meditations. Psychic ability
relies on a mentally relaxed state of detachment. A flower doesn’t bloom
through being pried open by force; likewise, psychic receptivity cannot be
achieved through strain. Psychic receptivity comes with a state of mental
passivity while simultaneously staying focused and open. We open
ourselves up through relaxation. We want a focused flow, not force.
By relaxing, we remove our own internal distraction and become much
better at discerning what we are receiving and what is coming from
ourselves. By regularly relaxing and meditating we begin to fall into a
regular state of relaxation and mindfulness even under the most chaotic
circumstances. But while learning to relax and meditate we want to ensure
that our environment is also supportive of this state of mind. Here are two
different relaxation exercises to experiment with. You may find one works
better for you than another.

Exercise 6

Cocoon of Relaxation
Take a moment to stretch and then find a comfortable position—you may
lie down if you feel drawn to. Focus on your breath. Breathe deeply, slowly,
and rhythmically. Don’t struggle. Find a pace that is comfortable for you.
With each inhalation, visualize yourself drawing in a calming energy of
peace. With each exhalation imagine yourself blowing any stress or tension
out of your body. The stress begins to fly away like dandelion seeds in the
wind, floating away and bringing you more and more clarity.
Visualize an orb of light at your feet. The sphere is a very calm white and
light mint color. It has a quality to it which is airy, icy, hot, and tingly. It is
deeply soothing and healing. Anywhere it touches completely relaxes with
your will.
Begin moving the orb upward to your shoulders, relaxing every muscle
that it touches—front and back. When it gets to your shoulders, move the
globe down each arm and hand—relaxing every muscle that it reaches.
Draw the orb up your neck to your face—resting your eyes, your jaw, your
facial muscles.
Listen to your body—where is there any discomfort, tension, or pain?
Bring the orb to this area and as you draw in your breath, visualize your
breath filling this area. Affirm that your body relaxes with your intentions.
Bring the orb back to your feet where it becomes a blanket of energy.
Begin pulling this blanket up and around your body in your Witch Eye—
like a cocoon of relaxation. When you are completely covered in your
relaxation cocoon, visualize it beginning to melt and soak into your skin,
deep throughout your muscles, into your nerves, and into your bones—
giving you an even broader sense of relaxation.
Exercise 7


Star Relaxation
Begin by sitting down, getting comfortable, and closing your eyes. Take a
deep breath. As you exhale, feel your breath drawing out any stress or
tension that you may be holding on to at the moment. Pretend that time is
beginning to slow down. As time slows down, you become more aware of
your inner being. As you become more aware of your spiritual nature, your
surroundings begin to drift away and out of focus. Perform the Treasure
Chest for Stress Technique (Exercise 5).
Once you are feeling mentally and emotionally relaxed, begin to
visualize a white star above your head glowing and pulsating with
luminescent prismatic rays of the rainbow. From the star, a liquid light
begins to pour down that looks like a beautiful opal, white and refracting
different prismatic hues.
The liquid light falls upon the crown of your head, and as if it were a
calming warm honey or warm wax relaxing everything it touches, it begins
to cover your head, face, and neck, completely easing any tension in these
areas. The liquid light begins to pour down your shoulders, chest, and upper
back, relaxing and releasing any discomfort or tension. It continues to pour
down to your stomach and lower back, your arms and hands. It’s relaxing
and releasing any stress you may feel.
Finally, the liquid light covers your lap, your legs, and your feet, bringing
them into complete comfort. You’re now completely covered in this liquid
light. As if it were Tiger Balm, it begins to lightly tingle and soothes any
aches or pains you may be feeling.
As if rewinding the process, the liquid light begins reversing direction,
moving back up your feet, legs, lap, hands, arms, lower back and stomach,
upper back and chest, shoulders, neck, face, and head. It then flows back up
into the star and entirely off of your body. Now take a deep breath and
mentally scan your body, releasing any tension you might still be feeling
within it.
Exercise 8

The Psychic Dimmer
One of the most challenging obstacles for the sensitive person is learning
how to control the constant input of information and even mute it at times.
Taking on the energy of others is draining and leaves us susceptible and
vulnerable. Part of mastering the self and psychic senses is learning how to
create boundaries and figuring out what is yours and what is from others.
The following is a super handy technique used to take control of the
situation energetically. This can also be used if the psychic information
you’re receiving is too quiet and you want to increase it, or if you’re doing
meditation, psychic work, or energy work and the external energy is too
invasive or “loud” and you’re having trouble relaxing and concentrating.
This is a technique that I learned from Irma Kaye Sawyer that I’ve adapted.8
Begin by taking a few deep relaxing breaths. Envision a light dimmer
switch before you. This light dimmer switch increases or decreases psychic
sight and volume. Just like a dimmer switch or a volume knob, if you turn
the knob to the right, the information increases, and if you set the knob to
the left, the information decreases. Affirm this mentally to yourself. Take a
moment and discern whether you feel you perceive energy too much or too
little. With intent, turn the knob in the appropriate direction, willing the
energy bombardment to increase or decrease.
Another variation of this technique is to see a faucet above you filling
your aura with psychic information. Just like the dimmer, see a faucet
handle before you. Affirm to yourself that this faucet can increase or
decrease the flow of psychic information filling your auric field. Take a
moment to discern whether you feel you perceive too much or too little
psychic information. With intent, turn the faucet handle in the appropriate
direction, willing the energy bombardment to increase or decrease.

The Breath of Life

Breath is the bridge between the energies of the external world and the
energies of your internal world. Breathing unites the internal and the
external, creating a connection and circuit of energy flow. The word “spirit”
comes from the Latin word for breath, which is spiritus, and was often used
figuratively to refer to the spirit. The idea that breath itself is life force has
parallels in various cultures, where it is known as prana, ruach, mana,
telesma, chi, ki, numen, orgone, pneuma, od, and odic force.9 By working
with our breath, we are working directly with life-force energy. Certain
types of breathwork can cool down and relax the body and mind, while
others can warm up and excite the body and mind, by changing the speed of
the body’s rhythms.
Conscious breathing can help cultivate a deep-rooted connection with
and enjoyment of life. By working with our breath, we can achieve more
advanced states of meditation and consciousness. Since breathing is
something so subtle and usually automatic, by tuning in to it we can
strengthen our mind’s ability for concentrating and perceiving things that
are of a subtler nature.
Exercise 9

Elemental Square Breathing
Square breathing (sometimes called the four-fold breath in yoga practices)
is an effortless technique. This type of breathing cultivates a sense of
balance, centeredness, and stillness. For this reason, I also tap into the four
elemental forces while performing this breathing technique. That way I’m
placing myself even deeper into an inner and outer connective balance with
the elemental powers that permeate all things.
Perform the Star Relaxation exercise. Inhale through your nose a long
and steady breath to the count of four while mentally thinking the name of
each element during each beat of a count:
“Earth, Air, Fire, Water.”

Hold the breath inside of your filled lungs for the count of four while
mentally thinking the name of each element during each beat of a count:
“Earth, Air, Fire, Water.”
Exhale through your mouth a long and steady breath to the count of four
while mentally thinking the name of each element during each beat of a
“Earth, Air, Fire, Water.”
Hold the breath outside of your empty lungs for the count of four while
mentally thinking the name of each element during each beat of a count:
“Earth, Air, Fire, Water.”
Keep repeating until you feel a sense of calm, balance, and clarity.
Exercise 10

Solar Breathing
Solar Breathing is a variation of a breathing technique often referred to as
“bellows breath” in yoga practices. Solar Breathing energizes and
revitalizes your mind and promotes energy. This is a great technique to use
if you’re trying to raise your vibration or increase your energy levels, or if
you are feeling a bit mentally hazy or fatigued. If at any time you begin to
feel dizzy or light-headed, stop the technique, take a break, and then retry it
with a bit of a slower and less intense inhalation and exhalation.
Perform the Star Relaxation exercise. You want to inhale deeply and a bit
forcefully through your nose, making sure that you’re expanding your
stomach while inhaling to the count of one. As you inhale, you want to
visualize the sun rising on the horizon quickly with the breath. Exhale
deeply and a bit forcefully through your mouth, making sure that you’re

pulling your stomach inward while exhaling to the count of one. As you
exhale, you want to visualize that the sun is setting on the horizon quickly
with the breath. Repeat this ten times. Take a break and rest for a moment
until your breath returns to its average pace. This usually takes about thirty
seconds. Do another set of ten breaths and then another rest. Repeat one
more set of ten breaths to finish.
Exercise 11

Lunar Breathing
Lunar Breathing is a variation of the Elemental Square Breathing technique.
Lunar Breathing helps to calm your body and mind deeply and slow down
your mind. This is a great technique to use if you’re trying to lower your
vibration, decrease your energy levels, and are looking to perform a method
of psychic ability such as clairvoyance or mediumship. Instead of breathing
on the count of four to the names of the elements, you’ll be visualizing the
cycles of the moon to the count of six.
Perform the Star Relaxation exercise. Inhale through your nose a long
and steady breath to the count of six. As you inhale, you want to visualize
the moon in a state of waxing. That is you want to see it phase from a dark
moon to a full moon. Hold the breath inside of your filled lungs for the
count of six while visualizing a full moon. Exhale through your mouth a
long and steady breath to the count of six while visualizing the moon in a
state of waning. That is to say that you want to see it phase from full moon
to dark moon. Hold the breath outside of your empty lungs for the count of
six while visualizing the dark moon. Repeat six times.

7. Jan Fries, Visual Magick: A Manual of Freestyle Shamanism (Oxford, UK: Mandrake, 1992), 137.
8. Irma Kaye Sawyer, The Brightstar Empowerments: Compilation Edition (self-published, 2016),
9. Christopher Penczak, The Inner Temple of Witchcraft: Magick, Meditation and Psychic
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Chapter 3



pening up to perceive and interact with subtle energies can
drastically change your life; it can help you find clarity, bring peace into
your life, empower yourself and others, and create effective change within
our world. However, we shouldn’t downplay either the responsibility that
comes with this or the possible risks that come along with doing it
improperly. I’m here to help guide you through safely opening yourself up
to perceiving these energies as well as securely closing yourself off so that
you’re not being constantly bombarded with psychic information.
After learning how to relax the body and the mind through visualization
and breathing, we can now focus on becoming receptive. To do so, we need
to ensure that we’re bringing all of our awareness inward and that we’re
operating in the alpha brainwave state. By tapping in to our inner worlds,
we can affect our outer world. I call the following exercises, Exercise 12
through Exercise 18, as a set “Tuning In.” Two different images come to
mind with the term “Tuning In.” Just as you would tune a radio to the right
station to receive the proper broadcast, we want to ensure that we’re attuned
to receive energetic information accurately. The other idea that comes to
mind is the idea of tuning a guitar to make sure that it’s playing the proper
notes clearly; we want to ensure that we are transmitting and sending out
our energetic information clearly.
These “Tuning In” exercises consists of grounding, raising terrestrial
energy, drawing celestial energy, creating a circuit, centering, entering
alpha, and setting a psychic prompt, done in that order. Likewise, “Closing

Down” refers to exiting alpha, performing a psychic flush, calling back
your energy, grounding, and centering, done in that order. Tuning in sets the
stage to begin tapping in to the potential of your mind. With time and effort
tuning in won’t take as long as it does when establishing the practice. Every
exercise in the book after this chapter will assume that you perform the
Tuning In exercises at the beginning unless otherwise stated. Here we are
establishing the practice to create a solid foundation on which all work in
this book will be built.

Avoiding Burnout and Magickal Impact
For the past several years now I’ve spent the month of October giving
psychic readings out of a witchcraft shop called Enchanted in Salem,
Massachusetts. While this quaint little shop on Pickering Wharf is tucked
away from the heart of the crowds of Essex Street during October, I cannot
underplay the crowds or level of busyness. Salem, a town synonymous with
witchcraft, both historically and for modern practices, attracts an estimated
250,000 visitors each year in what feels like a hybrid of Halloween and
Mardi Gras.
As such, I’m reading people nonstop daily during this month, and
seriously, it’s nonstop. When I first began working there, I would be so
opened up to psychic information from being in that state of consciousness
all day that I found afterward that I would start reading everyone around me
who wasn’t coming in for a reading. Reading in this manner already puts
you at the risk of burning out, but when you can’t shut it down the feeling
of burnout dramatically intensifies.
The grounding technique is named after electrical grounding. Essentially,
electrical grounding is when you have an unused neutral wire that is used to
take a current of electricity and direct it into the ground, so that excess and
unneeded electricity has a safe outlet. This ensures that you don’t cause a
fuse to blow or trip a circuit breaker with all of the extra voltage. If
someone were to touch an appliance or device that wasn’t grounded, their

body would take the impact of that electricity as if it were the grounding
cord and leave them shocked. Just like with electrical power, if you don’t
ground yourself, you run the risk of working with more psychic or magickal
energy than your system can handle, and you can damage yourself. Another
way to think of grounding is to think of it as your release valve that relieves
any excess energy. In many ways grounding is one of the most crucial
forms of protection when it comes to working with energy.
I’ve also had what some refer to as “magickal impact” from not
grounding and centering myself properly before taking on a magickal
working that involves working with intense energies. Magickal impact is
what it sounds like; it’s coming into energies in a forceful collision. The
symptoms of this are feeling like you’ve been whiplashed in a car crash,
having flu-like body aches, a fogginess of mind, and a feeling of being
drained immediately. Not only does it feel like the impact of a collision, but
the experience has an impact upon the person.
Have you ever met an energy healer, psychic, or witch who seemed to be
entirely out of their mind and out of touch with this world? This can be
caused by not being well grounded, whereby they’ve fried themselves.
Notice how some of them seem to be like those who’ve taken a bit too
many psychedelics back in their day? The same term is used: “they’ve fried
themselves.” This is prolonged magickal impact without being remedied.
Grounding also ensures that we don’t burn ourselves out energetically. Too
much energy can be damaging to the system. This can manifest in many
ways, ranging from being spacey, dizzy, or aching, to, in some worse cases,
physical illnesses and mental and emotional imbalances.
The body has natural ways of grounding itself but it is designed to only
ground so much energy naturally without conscious intention. Digestion is
one of the ways the body naturally grounds itself. Certain foods such as
vegetables and fruits are beneficial for assisting your energetic perception
and abilities, but for grounding, the best foods tend to be dark chocolate,
carbohydrates, and red meats. However, we all have different dietary and
health needs, so use your own discernment when it comes to food. For

emergency grounding, it’s recommended to place your feet, knees, hands,
arms, and crown of your head on the floor or ground for a few minutes and
imagine that all the excess energy in your system is flowing out into the
ground safely. Sitting or lying down will also help ground you. Some also
like to walk barefoot on earth or grass to ground themselves.
While grounding and centering are crucial for any healthy energy work,
it’s also beneficial in more mundane areas of life in which there’s an
energetic overload. This includes situations, people, or places that
overwhelm or drain your energy. Situations where this may be helpful
include large noisy groups; crowds of people; invasive emotional energies;
intrusive sound (particularly loud music you dislike); when someone close
to you is overly upset, sensitive or angry, and you’re absorbing that energy;
or when you’re feeling extra spacey and generally ungrounded. For psychic
and magick work, grounding techniques are sufficient to keep you safe and
healthy in most circumstances.
Exercise 12

Make sure that your legs are planted firmly on the ground about shoulder
width apart. Alternatively, if you’re sitting on the ground, ensure that your
legs are crossed. Take a moment to focus on your body, and feel all of the
natural energy running throughout it. Bring your awareness to the top of
your head, and slowly scan your body downward with your attention. As
you reach your pelvis, imagine that your energy is running like roots
through your legs. Keep scanning your body awareness, bring that sense of
examining yourself down farther past your legs as you feel your energetic
roots begin to gently dig into the ground. With a firm but relaxed sense of
willpower, extend your energy down these roots below you. These roots are
an extension of your energy body.
These roots begin traveling downward through the soil and bedrock,
through the underground caves and pockets of air, through underground

streams of water, and finally to the molten core. The molten core doesn’t
burn or cause any pain; instead, it soothes you even deeper as you feel its
warmth with your energy. Your roots keep traveling through the molten core
until they reach the very center, the heart of the earth. This heart is made of
a beautiful bright white light. It is the source of infinite power, the soul and
consciousness of the earth itself. This is one of the most important energies
that you will ever come across as a witch. As you feel the white light inside
of the earth’s heart, you find that its energy is like a dream and a song. You
take a moment to meditate on what that means, and to feel it deeply. The
dream song of the earth is powerful, but a steady, secure, and anchored
power—one that is self-regula