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Magick for Love, Protection, and Abundance

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About the Author

Silver RavenWolf (Pennsylvania) is a nationally recognized leader and elder of Wicca, and her writing has been instrumental in guiding the future of one of the fastest-growing faiths in America today. The author of many books, she has been interviewed by the New York Times, Newsweek magazine, and the Wall Street Journal, and her work has been featured in numerous publications, including Bust magazine, the Baltimore Sun, the St. Petersburg Times, the National Review, Publishers Weekly, Body & Soul Magazine, and Teen Lit Magazine.

Her titles include the bestselling Solitary Witch, Teen Witch, To Ride a Silver Broomstick, To Stir a Magick Cauldron, To Light a Sacred Flame, American Folk Magick, Angels: Companions in Magick, Halloween, HedgeWitch, and the Witches’ Night Out teen fiction series.

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Silver’s Spells for Abundance

Chapter 1: On Your Mark! Get Set!

Chapter 2: Go! Creating Abundance

Chapter 3: Manifesting Wealth

Chapter 4: Banishing Poverty


Silver’s Spells for Love


Chapter 5: Operating Instructions

Chapter 6: Getting It

Chapter 7: Keeping It

Chapter 8: Tossing It


Silver’s Spells for Protection

Chapter 9: Operating Instructions

Chapter 10: Personal Prevention Magick

Chapter 11: Banishing Those Lesser Irritations

Chapter 12: When Things Get Sticky


Appendix 1: Color Magick Correspondences

Appendix 2: Astrological Symbols

Appendix 3: Planetary Hours

Appendix 4: Moon Phases

Appendix 5: Herbal Tables

Appendix 6: Magickal Days of the Week for Love

Appendix 7: Colors for the Days of the Week



On Your Mark! Get Set!

Come join the fun! I’ve got all sorts of things in here for you. There are ideas on how to allow yourself to enjoy prosperity, how to banish those awful old debts without heartache, how to get money back from someone who owes you, how to transform your money flow in a positive way, and much more. I also provide historical and practical information on spell elements and ingredients. It’s fun to learn and zap, too! Welcome to my world—a universe of abundance where prosperity is what you bring to your work, not what your work brings to you. The spells in this book represent my journey from poverty to abundance in a practical and magickal way. No kidding! Right now you are holding the very plan I used to create prosperity in my life.

I know you are just itching to get to the spells, but please take a moment to peruse this little chapter, ’cuz there’s stuff in here that will make or break your spellcasting finesse. I’ll keep this short—I promise!

The first step to living a prosperous life lies in your desire to exercise your right to take back your power. By acknowledging that you have the power to change things while you are having fun, you open the door to your personal prosperity. Truly, prosperity means having the time of your life.

Prosperity magick1 deals with your state of mind. In prosperity magick, if you think yourself poor, you will be poor. This is the same in love and healing magick but, for some reason, many people just can’t believe that how they think manifests into hard financial dollars and cents. When I started looking at money and seeing energy rather than printed paper or embossed metal, I realized a shocking and simple truth: money is just energy. The mystery of money immediately vanished!

You are already a prosperous person. You just have to acknowledge that fact.


All workings of magick and ritual create energies to push or pull life into balance. Does this mean that scary things are going to happen? No. It just means that once you begin to seriously work prosperity magick, things will be different.


Most magickal applications contain correspondences. Correspondences are items or energies that relate to the focus of the issue. In this book, our focus is on abundance. Throughout the book I’ve provided various correspondences for each spell. I’ve also given you a few lists in the appendices to aid you in substitutions as you learn to write your own spells.

Correspondences include: planetary hours, deities, herbs, oils, planets, totem animals, magickal alphabets, phases of the moon, colors, and elements. Remember, you don’t have to use all the correspondences I mention in any spell. If you’re not into angels, then don’t use those listed. If you don’t particularly like to use plant energies, then don’t use them. Substitutions are acceptable. I am simply presenting you with the wide range of choices that have worked for me.


How long will it take your spell to manifest?

Small goals normally (but not always) manifest faster than large goals, usually within thirty days (or moon to moon).

Larger goals (buying a house or a car, enhancing your career) may take longer. To give you an example, a group of test subjects using the material in this book manifested their goals by working several spells spaced over time (this is called building) and reaped the following benefits:

Angela—house—six weeks

George—house—four weeks

Sheila—house—six months

Linda—published her book—three months

Pat—job promotion—two months

Harry—curbed spending habits—five months

The old teachers said, “Do a spell, then forget it.” These teachers meant: do the spell, but don’t worry about it. Feeding negative thoughts into your spellwork will defeat your purpose. If you worry about the manifestation of the spell, then you create blocks in the path of that manifestation, and it will take longer to make things happen. Magick follows the path of least resistance so, unless you have a reason for guiding the magick along a particular line of thought, just let the magick go.

Don’t try to direct your spell too much. Let’s say you need money, but you’ve tried every way possible in the regular world with no success. Now you want to do magick. If you think that the only way money will come to you is through the means you have already tried, you will fail. Leave the path to money up to Spirit, or Divinity. You should still keep working in the “real world” to help manifest your desires too.

Keep in mind that your own creativity and needs carry important weight in spellcasting. If today is Sunday and the spell calls for completion on a Monday, but you really need to do the spell today, then go ahead and do the spell today. If the spell calls for a supply that you don’t have, that’s okay. Substitute something else.

Learning to Devise a Spiritual Plan

Throwing magick at a problem or goal isn’t the ultimate answer to our problems. Magickal people think carefully before choosing a magickal technique or spell. You need to consider an entire plan of action, of which magick becomes a part. Yes, a spell can take only a few minutes to do, and a prayer a moment or two to utter, but without a complete spiritual plan, you may be throwing snowflakes at a campfire. A complete spiritual plan includes:

• Logical thought about the goal or situation.

• Considering how your actions, both magickal and mundane, will affect the outcome of the goal, situation, or other people.

• Building positive reinforcement around you.

• Reprogramming your mind to accept success through thought, word, and action.

• Involving Divinity as much as possible in what you do.

I know all this seems a little complicated for something like a simple spell, but if we learn to plan wisely, we have a better chance for success. Many of the spells in this book can be linked together to help you design a spiritual plan.

Why Magick Doesn’t Always Work

Every adept magickal individual has experienced (shudder!) failure. Through failure we learn and grow. Don’t think because you happily zap away that all will turn out the way you want it to. Remember, magick follows the path of least resistance, and if we are not careful and are not specific with our requests, failure may come as a result.

Sometimes Spirit knows better than we do what will be right for us. I’ve always taught my students (and my children) that if your magick doesn’t work, if your spiritual plan fails, you should not lose confidence in yourself. Spirit knows what you need and what you don’t need, and sometimes, when you are least expecting it, Spirit will step in and bring your work to a grinding halt. Sometimes Spirit does this to protect us, and other times Spirit knows that we have bigger missions, larger goals, and more important activities that we should be doing.

I’ve taught my children to ask Spirit during a magickal working “to make the best thing happen for me.” This way, you allow Spirit to help guide you in your work and play.

The Dark Side—Magickal People Don’t Go There

Prosperity gained from theft, drugs, murder, cheating, or any other type of immoral or illegal source is called tainted money. Tainted money carries negative energy, which can affect your overall prosperity. If a friend offers you a “hot” computer, you are opening yourself up to negative circumstances that you may not see immediately—and that negativity may hit you in an area you don’t expect. Perhaps the computer works fine, but your love life goes down the tubes—or worse, you may get very ill.

Open Yourself to Abundance

Don’t be afraid to open your arms and accept the abundance of the world around you. It is my firm belief that Spirit didn’t send anyone here to be unhappy or poverty stricken. I do believe that we have several missions to accomplish. We may succeed, or we may fail. Around it all, however, I sincerely think that Spirit wants you to enjoy your time on this planet as much as you can. There is no reason why you cannot do good work for others and be happy too! Let me whisper something to you, if you don’t mind: the secret to great prosperity magick is to let go of your fear.


* * *

1. Magick spelled with a “k” denotes real magick—using your will to create form—as opposed to the illusionary magic used by many fine entertainers.


Go! Creating Abundance

You’ve probably toyed with subconscious ideas about your financial status and overall prosperity for several months before picking up this book. While you were reading the first chapter, your subconscious moved forward, preparing to birth abundance in your life. It’s time to take that final step toward manifesting positive abundance. The following spells are to be used from the new moon (the time of beginnings) through the waxing moon (the time of growing), though a few (like the Prosperity Devotion) can be done every day of the month, regardless of the moon phase. You can use only one or two spells, or you can start at the beginning of this chapter and work through to the end, employing all of the spells. It’s up to you! Any spell can be done on the full moon, as this is symbolic of the gifts of the Goddess and a time for introspection and power.

At the end of each spell you will find a section entitled To Enhance This Spell. These are merely suggestions that may interest the more experienced magickal practitioner, but beginners may wish to try their magickal pinkies at these ideas too. These spells are designed to bring energies or specific items toward you. Before doing each spell, think carefully about what it is that you truly want. Once you’ve decided that—go for it!

Prosperity Devotion

In magick and spirituality, a devotion is a simple prayer or meditation done each day with the goal of putting you in a positive frame of mind while connecting to Spirit. Sometimes we worry about money so much that we create negative circumstances in our finances long before they actually take shape as a zero balance in our bank account. My first step into financial well-being began with writing this special devotion to say each morning and evening to help me create positive feelings about myself and my finances.2

Supplies: Your brain.

Instructions: Sit quietly in an area without disturbances. Close your eyes. Take three deep breaths. Begin by saying (either mentally or aloud): “At this moment, there is no yesterday, At this moment, there is no tomorrow. At this moment, there is only today. Goddess of abundance, come to me, come to me.”

Take another deep breath and repeat the last line until you feel yourself relaxing. Say: “I have clothes on my back, food to eat, and a place to stay. Goddess of abundance, come to me, come to me.”

Continue to repeat the last line until you further relax—until the realization of what you are saying is true. (What if this isn’t true? Say it anyway. Verbalizing and thinking of things you wish to manifest in the present tense is an old magickal technique that assists you in bringing your desires into form.) Visualize the things you do have, to solidify your words.

Take three more deep breaths, and say: “I am perfectly okay. Goddess of abundance, come to me, come to me.”

Repeat the last line until you relax even further. Now imagine yourself as a strong tree, your roots deep in Mother Earth, your branches and leaves reaching out to Father Sun. Raise your arms if you like, to encourage the visualization. Allow yourself to become part of the God and Goddess energy of the universe. Let go and feel the euphoria. Say: “I am one with the universe, and the universe will provide for me in every way. Goddess of abundance, come to me, come to me.”

Repeat these lines until you feel an inner calmness wash over you. Open your eyes, and say: “At this moment, there is no yesterday, there is no tomorrow, there is only today. I have clothes on my back, food to eat, and a place to stay. I am perfectly okay. I am one with the universe, and the universe will provide for me in every way. Goddess of abundance, come to me, come to me. This is true, as I say. “So mote it be!”

Clasp your hands together, hold them out before you, and say, “In peace.” Move your hands to the right, and say, “In harmony.” Move your hands to the left, and say, “In truth.” Bring your hands back to your chest, and say: “In love. May the Lord and Lady shower their blessings upon me. I am the source of my abundance. So mote it be!”

If your financial worries start to get you down throughout the day, go to a quiet place and repeat the above affirmation.

To Enhance This Spell

• Begin at the full moon and perform every day until the following full moon.

• Begin when the moon first enters the sign of Aries (as this is a time for spiritual beginnings).

• For seeking a new direction, perform when the moon is halfway through Aries (no more, as Taurus influences may steer you toward selfishness).

• Begin on a Sunday in the hour of the sun.3

• Perform on Beltaine (May 1) at the rising of the sun.

Elemental Abundance Spell

Each pool, stream, mountain, lake, rock, comet, well, star, tree, flower, weed, and so on has its own energy vibration, just as animals and people do. Like vibrations meld together to create a collective unconscious. In the elemental world, these collective energies are known as the sylphs (air), the gnomes (earth), the salamanders (fire), and the undines (water).

Moving through history we find that almost all cultures and civilizations viewed earth, air, water, and fire as the four elements. This belief was first put into focus by the Sumerians.


The gnomes, salamanders, sylphs, and undines were considered superhuman in nature, born from the four rivers flowing from the belly of the Great Mother and representing the four fluids of the divine feminine: water, blood, honey, and milk, corresponding to water, fire, air, and earth, respectively. Using this information, I created the following Elemental Abundance Spell.

Supplies: 4 small bowls: fill 1 with water, 1 with the dragon’s blood herb (can substitute red powder or red pepper), 1 with milk, and 1 with honey; a picture of yourself.

Instructions: At midday (when the sun is strongest), go outside and draw a pentacle 4 (see above) in the dirt, sand, or snow with your finger.

At the top of the star, place a representation of yourself (the picture). Going clockwise, place the bowls in the following order: Right arm of pentacle—east; air; honey. Right lower arm of pentacle—south; fire; dragon’s blood. Left lower arm of pentacle—west; water. Left upper arm of pentacle—north; earth; milk. As you say the following words, touch with your hands each point containing the corresponding element: “Spirit of myself, I call prosperity to myself. Spirits of the north, by my will and my desire, I call forth the blessings of the gnomes. Spirits of the east, by my will and my desire, I call forth the blessings of the sylphs. Spirits of the south, by my will and my desire, I call forth the blessings of the salamanders. Spirits of the west, by my will and my desire, I call forth the blessings of the undines. Spirit of the life force, that which pulses and surrounds me, I ask for positive abundance and prosperity in my life. My choices and possibilities expand every day.”

Touch each point again, saying: “Milk, water, blood, and honey.”

Repeat seven times: “I banish all negativity from my body and soul.”

Notice you moved in a counterclockwise position with your hands. Then say: “Honey, blood, water, and milk (seven times), my choices and possibilities expand every day. With harm to none, so mote it be!”

Leave your offering as it stands. Make the following affirmation: “From this day forward, positive abundance and prosperity flow into my life. My dreams come true.”

To Enhance This Spell

• Perform on a Sunday in the hour of the sun or the hour of Jupiter.

• Perform on the new or waxing moon.

• Perform when the moon is in the latter half of Leo, a good time to enhance ambitious personal goals.

• Perform by your garden or favorite yard area.

• Perform during dusk or dawn on Midsummer or Lammas.

Abundance from the Water

For centuries humankind has associated the oceans and rivers of this planet with the cauldron of plenty. Water magick is an incredibly powerful medium, and the fish and mammals that swim in its deep currents carry the essence of the life force. Ancient mystics believed that water was the primary element over the other three (air, earth, and fire), as water came first from the Great Mother.

Fish Symbol

The concept of the waters of life has been passed from mythos to mythos, and one legend tells us that the goddess Ishtar took the water of life into the underworld to restore Tammuz to life, in keeping with the legends of the goddess’ descent. Ishtar is a strong goddess with correspondences including love, sexuality, war, creation, guardianship, healing, and justice, as well as being the overseer of heaven and hell. Ishtar was seen as both a beneficent goddess (the mother of all humans) and a goddess of vibrant power (a warrior goddess who made all other gods tremble in their sandals, therefore earning her the description of “clad in terror”). She is not a goddess to be called on lightly. Ishtar bestows life, bountiful harvest, prosperity, and health. Her planetary correspondence is Venus. Ishtar is a descent goddess, where she is stripped of her worldly possessions and magickal powers in self-sacrifice for the good of another. As with most descent stories, Ishtar returns more powerful than before.

In this spell you will pull Ishtar’s energy toward you to create positive abundance in your life and to heal your financial worries using sacred water. Ishtar was called “The Light of the World.” Much of the liturgical flattery given to God in the Old Testament of the Bible was directly plagiarized from Babylonian prayers created for Ishtar.5 Therefore, should you prefer to use Psalms in your magickal applications, don’t feel guilty about the process of changing the “he’s” to “she’s.”

The fish representation in this spell is a worldwide symbol of the Great Mother, consisting of two half moons touching edges, forming the representation of the feminine genitalia. When Rome became Christianized, its citizens were unwilling to give up the Goddess-oriented fish symbolism. These Christians rewrote the mythos surrounding the symbol of the fish to suit this new religion. Earthly female followers of Christ, nuns, received their name from the Hebrew letter (Nun), meaning “fish.”

Supplies: 1 green or blue candle; incense of your choice; a chalice or cup filled with spring water; a flat piece of pliable clay; a stylus, pen, or nail to draw in the clay.

Instructions: Begin this spell on the new or waxing moon. Call on your choice of Divinity or one of the gods or goddesses mentioned above, entreating their assistance. Light the incense and the candle. With your stylus, draw a swimming fish on the clay while thinking of abundance and prosperity swimming into your life. Sprinkle the image with holy water, asking Spirit to bless you with abundance and prosperity. Envision the fish glowing with health and life. Pass the clay over the flame of the candle three times. Hold the fish close to your mouth and blow on the image three times with long, flowing breaths. Then say: “I call upon thee, O gracious Ishtar, She who was known as Light of the World. I dedicate this rite to You, Ishtar. You who traveled the descent. You who brought back the life-giving waters. Great Ishtar, I ask for blessings upon this sacred fish that I have created with my own hands. Waters of life, I ask for prosperity. When I cast this clay fish into the waters of (name the lake, river, or ocean), this fish will draw into my life-net an abundance of prosperity, healing, and harmony, in the name of Ishtar. Waters of life, bring forth my desire. I always have everything I need, and more. So mote it be!”

If you like, you can sing, hum, or meditate, thinking positive thoughts while holding the fish. When you have finished, extinguish the candle. Thank deity for assisting you. Take the water from the chalice and your clay fish and release them into the waters you named, with the assurance that prosperity and harmony will manifest within the month.6

Note: Ishtar is not a goddess to be trifled with. Do not accept money from ill-gotten gains.

To Enhance This Spell

• Perform on the new or waxing moon.

• Perform on Monday in the hour of the moon.

• Perform when the moon is in Libra, especially if you are seeking abundance through teamwork.

• Perform at midnight.

• Perform on a beach or beside a stream, river, or wishing well.

• Perform at Candlemas (or February 2) using a bowl of melted snow.

Abundance from Fire, Mistletoe, and Oak

Throughout the world—from Australia to South America, from Europe to North America, from Asia to the hidden recesses of Africa—myths abound on the origin of fire. Some claim that the element of fire was a gift from the gods, where other legends indicate that, good humans that we are, we stole this precious commodity from the ancient ones.

Vesta Symbol

British and German folklore cobble the energies of mistletoe, oak, and fire together to form profound rites, spells, and mythos. Mistletoe (a finicky plant) can’t be grown in soil. It is a parasitic plant found growing in deciduous trees. Birds carry the seeds of mistletoe to the branches and forks of trees. The most common host tree for the growth of mistletoe is the proud oak. Mistletoe did not figure in Irish Paganism (see The White Goddess by Graves), but it does frequent the history of Gaelic Britain and Germany. In Italy and Sweden it was thought that the combination of oak and mistletoe was effective against fire created by lightning. Norse mythology explains that mistletoe was sacred to Baldur. Roman lore equates the plant with the hero Aeneas.

Mistletoe covers quite a few magickal bases, from love, fertility, and immortality to protection and consecration.

Here we will use its magickal properties involving birth and purification. Over the years I’ve discovered that if I’m out of any herbal ingredient, I can substitute mistletoe and still get the results I want. A little bit of mistletoe in any spell goes a long way. If you have access to mistletoe in the wild, magickal legend indicates that it should be gathered on the first day after a full moon or on Midsummer’s Eve or Day, and that the herb should never touch the ground.

Fire is an element of purification, and if we add the oak chips and mistletoe, we can produce a powerful spell for prosperity. Among Native American tribes in the eastern United States (Shawnee, Fox, and other Central Algonquians), the smoke created by the fire was thought to carry the words of prayers up to the supreme deity. Before offering any invocation, a small amount of tobacco or a mixture of special herbs was placed on the fire to validate the prayer.7 In this spell we will send the message of our needs to the goddess Vesta through the medium of smoke.

Vesta, a Roman goddess, governed household affairs, ceremonies, mother magick, and household guardians. She was worshiped daily, especially at meals, and her temples contained the eternal fires, which were replenished on March 1, while her festival of honor occurred on June 1. Unlike other goddesses and gods who had statues in the shrines of the people, Vesta’s true embodiment was the fire itself. These fires were thought to be the mystical heart of the empire. Where the opening praise of the god Janus began each service, the closing praise belonged to Vesta (where we derive the word vesper). Although there were no images of the goddess in her own temple, statues of her in Rome were prevalent. She was often portrayed clothed and veiled, holding a chalice, torch, scepter, and palladium (a small, sacred object seen as a fetish or statue). In 382 CE, the endowments of all the pagan temples were withdrawn, including that of Vesta’s seven-hundred-year-old Motherhearth, but the idea of the eternal sacred flame was adopted by the Christians and used in various aspects of their worship (minus the vestal virgins, of course).

Supplies: 1 charcoal grill; fast-lighting charcoal; 1⁄16 ounce mistletoe; a handful of oak wood chips; 1 black marker; prosperity incense. Before you begin the spell, draw the symbol of Vesta on each wood chip with the black marker.

Instructions: Not only does this spell work well during the new and waxing moons, it also does a bang-up job if performed on the full moon. Set an old grill on your patio or in your yard. Cense the area with your favorite prosperity incense. Place 5 pieces of quick-lighting charcoal on the center of the grate. Draw a pentacle over the coals in the air. Sprinkle mistletoe and a handful of oak chips over the coals. As long as the fire burns, chant: “Goddess Vesta of the holy fire, sacred smoke lifting higher, herbs of oak and mistletoe, work the magick, help it go. By thy light glowing, by fortune growing, bring to me prosperity, inner peace, love, and joy. With harm to none, so mote it be!”

When the ashes cool, put a little in a bottle and bring into the house. Renew every six months by offering the ashes to the winds and replacing with new.

To Enhance This Spell

• Perform on a Sunday in the hour of the sun.

• Perform at midday.

• Perform when the moon is in Sagittarius if your plan for abundance calls for travel, a sporting adventure, or if you wish to have an honest and direct interchange with someone who can move you along on your path.

• Perform in the early stages of the moon in Virgo if your spellwork is associated with the home.

• Perform by a fire pit.

• Perform at Midsummer (June 21).

Abundance from the Earth

Like several ancient goddesses, the Roman goddess Fortuna (Tyche in Greek) has many faces, presiding over the fertility of the earth and its inhabitants. Her primary sign of the zodiac is Virgo. Fortuna stands on a globe (representing the earth), holding a cornucopia in one hand from which she strews luck and abundance on those she favors. In some instances she was thought to steer the affairs of the world. As Fortuna Virginensis, she protected newly married women and helped them to remain beautiful and alluring to their husbands. As Fors Fortuna, she was a goddess of luck. Fortuna is often veiled or blindfolded. Her symbol is the wheel of fortune, representing her title of “She Who Turns the Year.” Fortuna Augusta was the foundation of the emperor’s right to rule the Roman Empire. As a daughter of Jupiter, along with her associations with luck, abundance, and prosperity, her correspondences include the planet Jupiter and Thursday. Odd numbers are sacred to Fortuna. One can turn to her to banish or embellish one’s circumstances. Fortuna’s feast day is June 11. This goddess continued to have a prominent place in the Christian Middle Ages, appearing in Latin, German, and French poetry and songs. She is definitely a goddess of the earth and cares deeply about its people.

Another element in our spell, cinnamon, finds its history in ancient China, where the herb was used for temple purification and prosperous ventures. Cinnamon comes from the aromatic inner bark of a tree in the laurel family. This spice was first mentioned in Chinese writings in 2700 BCE and we find further reference to its use in conjunction with religious rites in historical information associated with Jewish and Arab tribal functions. At one point, cinnamon was ranked in value with gold and frankincense. Today, cinnamon is considered “the” herb for money magick.

Supplies: 1 small container of cinnamon; a thin spindle (the kind they stick cash register receipts on—I once used a candle holder with a prong because I couldn’t find a spindle); 3 one-dollar bills.

Instructions: Beginning on a Thursday in the hour of Jupiter (as close to the new moon as possible), place one dollar bill on the spindle. Sprinkle with cinnamon. Hold your hands over the dollar bill, and say: “Veiled Fortuna, goddess of luck, sweet sister of fortune, spinner of the Wheel of Destiny, grant me the gift of prosperity. Bring me the blessings of positive abundance. With harm to none, so mote it be!”

Place the second dollar bill on top of the first, sprinkle with cinnamon, and say: “Spirits of earth, element of prosperity, strong Mother of my fortune, grant me the gift of unlimited resources. Bring me the blessings of positive abundance. With harm to none, so mote it be!”

Place the third dollar bill on top of the second, sprinkle with cinnamon, and say: “I am fortunate. I am successful. I am positive abundance. I am prosperity. So mote it be!”

Before you go to bed in the evening, add a dollar bill or two on top of the pile. Don’t forget to sprinkle with cinnamon and say the last affirmation (“I am prosperity”). When your spindle is full, remove all but the first dollar bill and start over again. Put the dollars in a special bank account or in a magick money box to save for a rainy day. If for some reason you have to use all the money, repeat the entire spell, beginning with a new dollar bill. As the money on the spindle increases, so will your personal finances.

To Enhance This Spell

• Perform when the moon is in Virgo or Capricorn if your spell requires exactness to build money for a particular need.

• Perform on Thursday in the hour of Jupiter.

• Spell preparation works well when the moon is moving from Taurus into Gemini, but under a Taurus moon people are usually unwilling to lend money, so this is a poor time for banking matters.

• Perform at dusk.

• Perform in a circle of standing stones.

• Perform at Beltaine (May 1).

Abundance from the Air

From the strong winds of change, to the gentle breezes of movement, to the use of holy breath, air magick can clean out those dusty cobwebs of procrastination, reverse a negative aspect or influence, or push along a project in the right direction. Like a small breeze that can coalesce into a mighty front, we are going to use an ancient technique called the cumulative spell that employs repetition, a basic characteristic of many folk enchantments. In the cumulative spell, a new element is added to the original simple statement, and the growing list is recited after each addition (much like the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas”). Done preferably at the new moon, you are free to choose which day or planetary hour you desire. The only supply you will need is a bell.

The bell has served various religious functions all over the world, including Assyrian practices in 600 BCE Chinese temple bells, Babylonian worship, Egyptian feasts, aboriginal invocations, Hindu rites, and invocations by Haitian vouduns. To date, no one can pinpoint exactly when the bell entered human culture. Bells have been used for a variety of purposes, including amulets, fertility charms, a summons to deity, prophecy, curative agents, and, of course, as a musical instrument. Europeans rang bells to thwart the power of a thunderstorm and break the oncoming storm front.

In this spell we use the bell to summon Divinity and the elements as well as to ward off negativity.

Instructions: Hold your hands over the bell and ask Divinity for prosperity and protection. You can choose a favorite deity if you like. I simply used the word “Divinity” to keep the spell simple. This spell is to be done facing east (the position of air) at dawn (or when you arise from a night’s sleep—I realize we’ve got second and third shifters these days). Begin by saying: “I call forth Divinity.” Ring the bell, and say: “I call forth the prosperity and protection of the element of earth. I magnetize the positive things I need and want to come to me. Now!” Ring the bell. Now say: “This is the spell that works so well that starts with a bell (ring the bell) that brings a smile that breaks the trial that sweeps the room and clears out doom. That creates abundance powered by redundancy that brings prosperity.”

To Enhance This Spell

• Perform at dawn.

• Perform when the moon is in Gemini if you desire dramatic change.

• Perform on Friday in the hour of Venus.

• Perform on a cliff, bluff, or other high place where the wind is always present.

• Perform at Ostara (Spring Equinox).

Abundance from the Huntress

The primary goddess in this spell is Artemis, the Greek hunting goddess who is also equated with the Roman Diana. Originally an Amazonian moon goddess, Artemis’s name was shortened by the Helvetians, who called her Artios—hence the Celtic association of Artemis and Artios. Seen as the protectress of wild animals, the newly born, lakes, rivers, forests, the moon, and night, Artemis will also help you hunt for prosperity. The first fruits of a harvest or the catch of a hunt were hung on trees in acceptance of her patronage and blessings. Her totem animals are the bear (healing) and the wolf (family and clan activity). At Artemis’s shrine in Arcadia, girls between five and ten years of age, called “brown bears,” would dance in her honor at feasts and celebrations.

Artemis is the goddess of the loud chase, the slayer of stags, the archer who travels through the shadowy hills and windy headlands in breathless anticipation of her goal, holding her golden bow ready for the kill. She was Orthia (upright) and Lygodesma (willow-bound), Agrotera (huntress), Coryphaea (of the peak), Limnaea (of the lake), Daphnaea (of the laurel), Lyceia (of the wolf), Aeginaea (of the goat), Caryatis (of the walnut tree), Ariste (best), and Calliste (fairest). Her temple was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. For those of you who seek your German roots, Artemis/Diana was known as Dea Abnoba, patron of the Black Forest. In this spell we are going to use an invocation that includes some of the names attributed to Artemis energy.

The wolf figures prominently in New World and European lore with both positive and negative associations. First seen as a manifestation of the divine and a totem to many gods, goddesses, and human families, the wolf legends became less positive with European superstition and the creation of the werewolf mythos. The wolf fared well, however, in the New World legends. Should you prefer to use a god for this spell, there are plenty to choose from that work well with the wolf: Zeus (Greco-Roman), Apollo (Greco-Roman), Anubis (Egyptian), and Cernunnos (Romano-Celtic). Some Irish tribes claimed the wolf as their spiritual father or ghost father. They wore wolf skins and used wolves’ teeth for amulets. Germanic tribes believed that if they wore the wolf skin, their warriors would turn into wolves, gifted with the power to defeat their enemies. The wolf is a strong, family-based totem energy, concentrating on unity and prosperity for the clan.

Supplies: Incense of your choice; chalice or cup filled with spring water; a dish filled with dirt; a chunk of pliable clay; a stylus, pen, or nail to draw in the clay; string; 13 thin green ribbons, 13 inches long; 13 tiny bells; 1 green candle.

Instructions: Call on Artemis, entreating her assistance. Light the incense and the candle. With your hands, form a wolf out of part of the clay while thinking of abundance and prosperity moving into your life. With the rest of the clay, form three arrows. Carve your name with the stylus on the belly of the wolf, then carve your desire, using either words or pictures, on the arrows. After the clay dries, sprinkle with a few drops of the spring water (do not add salt) and the dirt, asking Spirit to bless you with abundance and prosperity. Envision the wolf and arrows glowing with health and life. Pass the wolf and arrows over the flame of the candle three times. Hold the wolf and the arrows close to your mouth and blow on the images three times with long, flowing breaths. Then say: “I call upon thee, O gracious Artemis, queen of the moon, goddess of wisdom. I dedicate this rite to you. I ask for blessings upon this sacred wolf and these arrows that I have created with my own hands. When I leave this wolf and the arrows in my yard (or the forest), this wolf will draw into my life an abundance of prosperity, healing, and harmony. The arrows are my gift to Artemis, that she may continue to enjoy her wild hunt with the golden bow as her familiar wolf runs by her side. I affirm my right to prosperity. So mote it be!”

You can sing, hum, or meditate, thinking positive thoughts, while holding the wolf. Try chanting the many names of Artemis: “Artemis, Diana, Devana—Tauro, Artios, Dea Abnoba” (you can select any of her names and string them together in a chant). Tie a bell on the end of each ribbon. Tie the ribbons together, intoning the Artemis chant, then tie the ribbons securely around the belly of the wolf. When you have finished, extinguish the candle. Thank deity for assisting you. Release the circle. Take the water from the chalice, the dirt, your clay wolf and arrows, and walk into your yard. Hang the clay animal (with the string wrapped securely around its stomach) from a tree. Pour the water and the dirt at the base of the tree beside the small arrows you will leave there as your offering. Ask for one final blessing, knowing that prosperity and harmony will manifest within the month. Call to the gnomes, saying: “Gnomes of the wood treasure abound bring me wealth from Artemis’s ground.”

Leave the wolf in the tree.

To Enhance This Spell

• Perform on a new moon.

• Perform in the hour of Jupiter, or on a Sunday or Thursday.

• Perform at midnight.

• Perform when the moon is in Sagittarius.

• Perform during the Hunter’s Moon.

• Perform at Mabon (Fall Equinox).

Abundance from the Ancestors

The dead, especially those who have personally loved you, are not powerless. This particular ceremony contains great beauty, peace, and harmony—very good when you’re a bit vexed about your financial condition.

In this spell we make use of the sacred rattle, which has such a long history we could read about it all day and still not be done. Different cultures associated the rattle with various magickal techniques, but the most common uses were to dispel negativity and to call on mystical spirits, such as totem animals or the ancestral dead. From wire (the Egyptian sistrum) to gourds (Native American), the rattle has been used to bring healing and prosperity while banishing negative forces.

In this spell we invoke the energies of those who loved us; however, I would like to include that Santerians believe you should invoke the assistance of the ancestor who didn’t like you much in life, or who treated you badly, as they really need to work off the bad karma. By asking for their help, you are allowing them to pay you back with positive energy.

Although there are many feminine deities associated with the land of the dead, for this spell I’ve chosen Barinthus, the mysterious otherworldly Welsh sea god, whose responsibility lies in ferrying the dead across the vast seas of time to the Summerland.

Supplies: 1 purple pillar candle (purple is often associated with the higher mind and the energy of the dead); 7 white votive candles (for purity of intent); a picture of the individual or individuals who loved you and who have passed away (you can also add something that belonged to them, such as a piece of jewelry, a favorite book, or other keepsake); 1 black and 1 white feather (for balance); an offering for the dead that includes something from the earth or sea; your favorite incense; your desire, written on a piece of green paper (or on white paper with a green-inked pen); a rattle (to banish negativity and call the dead).

Instructions: Place your desire-paper (called a petition) under the purple candle. Around this candle, place the 7 white votive candles. Around these candles, place the pictures of the ancestor, covered by the black and white feathers, your offering of gifts from the earth or sea, and the incense.

Visualize a circle of white light around you. Light the incense. State your desire aloud. Call Barinthus to carry the deceased to the circle on his boat of light, if this be the will of the gods. Light the purple candle, stating whom you wish to call and the desire you wish to manifest. Light the white votive candles in honor of the deceased, saying their name aloud. Speak about the gifts that they gave you in life and offer them your thanks and blessings.

Sit quietly. Again visualize the white light around you. Close your eyes. Shake your rattle slowly and softly. Call out the deceased’s name, and ask them to hear your desire. Always be honest and frank in your words. Repeat your desire in a sing-song voice (the communication line between yourself and the dead is not always clear, so you want to make sure they hear exactly what it is that you want). Mentally visualize your desire while you continue to shake your rattle. Stop when you lose the visualization.

Put your hands over the purple candle (not too close!) and say: “I call the dead to bond my spell. Air speed its travel well, fire give it Spirit, strength, and love; (deceased’s name), grant this petition from above.” 8

Gaze into the candle flame and visualize your desire manifesting. Relax. Take a deep breath. Thank the deceased for assisting you. Ask Barinthus to guide the deceased loved one back to the Summerland. Thank Barinthus. Allow the candles to continue burning until almost nothing is left of them. Keep the candle ends until your desire has manifested, then bury them on your property. Place your offering at a special place in your yard.

To Enhance This Spell

• Perform on the full moon.

• Perform on Monday (family love) in the hour of Saturn (the planetary hour of the dead).

• Perform at 3:00 a.m. (the daily hour of the dead).

• Perform on Samhain, All Souls’ Day, or All Saints’ Day.

Angel Spell for Abundance

I’ve found angel magick to be an incredible positive vehicle in various magickal applications. The history of angelic presence predates Judaism and Christianity. Indeed, our Pagan ancestors employed these messenger-spirits in much of their primitive spirituality. Some of you with Pagan associations may not like this spell, thinking that the angelic names are entirely Christian. I’ve found, however, that many angelic names predate Judaism and Christianity and find their roots in the Sumerian and Chaldean mythos.

In this spell we use the concept of mnemonic verse. There are similar patterns in Hebrew scripture (Psalm 119, which consists of twenty-two eight-verse sections corresponding to the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet) and the earliest extant English rhyme, dating from 1375 CE, which is Chaucer’s ABC, an homage to the Blessed Virgin (taken from a French original written a half-century before). In studying the folklore and magick of the Pennsylvania Dutch (German-Americans), I found shorter equal-armed cross versions—evidently they felt that only the first few lines were needed in their magickal incantations, rather than the whole alphabet. Here we are going to stick with the original mnemonic idea by using twenty-four angelic names, thereby producing an Angel Spell for Abundance.

Equal-Armed Cross

Instructions: This spell can be said anytime. Works well by accentuating with a rattle or drum. Can be done in group form, where one person says a line, and then the line is repeated by the group, followed by the word “Ho!”

(Say your intention:) “Ariel begins it. Baradiel guides it. The Chalkydri sing it. Devas manifest it. Elohim wills it. The Fravashi better it. Gabriel brings it. The Hafaza watch it. The Ischim balance it. Jael guards it. Kadmiel births it. Lahabiel aids it. Michael raises it. Nebo ministers it. Ofaniel sees it. Patron angels devote it. The Queen of Angels speaks it. Raphael inspires it. Sandalphon prays it. Thrones sanctify it. Uriel strengthens it. Vrevoil reveals it. Watchers protect it. Xathanael patrons it. Yahriel places the glory of the moon on it. Zodiac angels seal it. And Spirit brings it through time and space. So be it. Ho!”

Seal in the air with the sigil of the equal-armed cross using your dominant hand or rattle. (Just to reassure you, I double-checked all the angelic correspondences and tried not to choose any that have unfortunately had their names sullied through historical misrepresentation.) 9

If you would prefer a more Paganized version using Western European deities, try this one: “Aradia begins it. Brigid fuels it. Cerridwen magicks it. Dagda manifests it. Echo repeats it. Epona protects it. Gwen smiles upon it. Habonde grows it. Inghean Bhuide blesses it. Japheth powers it. Korrigan feeds it. LoBan beautifies it. Melusine raises it. Nair ministers it. Olwen shines upon it. Phlox brings all elements to it. The Queen of Angels speaks it. Rhiannon bestows charisma upon it. Scota prays it. The Triple Goddesses sanctify it. Urganda strengthens it. Veleda reveals it. The Wyrds protect it. Ygerna places the glory of the moon on it. Zadan seals it. And Spirit brings it through time and space. So be it. Ho! ”

To Enhance This Spell

• Perform outdoors under a starry sky.

• Perform when the moon is in Leo to gain the generosity of others.

• Perform on Sunday in the hour of Venus.

• Perform on Christmas, December 21 (Yule), or New Year’s Day.

Abundance from American Magick

According to family records, my ancestors arrived in America from Germany in the late 1600s. They became part of the Pennsylvania Dutch heritage in the counties of York, Adams, and Cumberland. My German ancestors quickly learned how to use their personalized folk magick, Pow-Wow, to their advantage, including the popular hex signs that continue to hold their popularity today. (Pow-Wow is a magickal system that is approximately three hundred years old, an amalgam of High German magick and folk application with tidbits of Native American practices.)

Hex Sign

Pictured above is the hex sign for abundance and good will for all. This typical eight-pointed star has associations with angelic energies. The large star is usually depicted in blue, with four red tulips rising between alternating star points. The large star stands for protection, good luck, and good fortune. A second, smaller eight-point star forms the design center, done in alternating red and black. The red stands for the power of the sun and the power of one’s lineage. The black stands for the gifts of the earth and protection against negativity. The blue singular, smaller stars and green wheat symbolize abundance and good will, where the red tulips represent faith and trust as well as the cauldron of positive transformation. Tulips are seen as “Witches’ Feet,” going back to the symbolism of the God of the Forest and his cloven hoof. The outer circle, painted in green, holds the abundance energies together to focus power and protect your home and property. Place this sign on your altar when working for abundance and good will. Burn a brown candle to influence friendly energies.

Supplies: Hex sign; parchment paper; colored pencils, markers, or paints in blue, red, black, and green; spring water; money oil of your choice; rattle or drum.

Instructions: On the new moon, draw the hex sign (see previous page) on a piece of parchment paper (white paper is okay if you can’t find any parchment, though it might be worth your while to check out a local art store and pick up a roll, as there are all sorts of spells you can cobble together using parchment). You can also use a white paper plate or a circle of wood painted with a base coat of white. With colored pencils, markers, or paints, color the design.

Determine what type of abundance you desire. For example, if you want an abundance of family love, then choose Sunday, Monday, or Friday to energize your hex sign. If you are interested in personal power, Tuesday would be the day of choice. Abundance in money, property, and business corresponds with Thursday, and if you are looking more toward communication issues, then Wednesday would be the best choice. Pick your planetary hour with the same procedure in mind.

Sprinkle the hex sign’s back with spring water. Energize by holding your hands over the sign and asking Divinity for blessings. Seal the empowerment with the money oil of your choice on the back of the hex sign with an equal-armed cross. You can use the prosperity oil recipe found in this book (page 61) or you can purchase an oil from a magickal shop. If you can’t get a money oil, olive oil or almond oil will do. I usually touch each tulip and each star with the money oil also.

Hold your hands over the hex sign, chanting: “Prosperity, come to me,” three times. Then take your rattle or drum and continue until you tire, saying: “With harm to none. My will is done. So mote it be!”

Carry the hex sign to each quarter (N, S, E, W), asking the elements to give their blessings.Visualize each quarter’s energy filling the hex sign. Hold the hex sign aloft, asking Spirit for blessings as well. Hang the sign in a prominent place in your home. Re-energize every new moon.

To Enhance This Spell

• The primary colors of the American Pow-Wow were red, white, and black: red for the blood of heritage, white for purity, and black for the richness of the earth and protection. Burn candles in these colors while invoking the energies of the hex sign.

• Perform when the moon is in Leo for vitality, or when the moon is in Virgo for matters of the home.

• Perform at Lammas (August 2) or during the full moon in August.

• Perform in the sign of Leo (the Pow-Wow’s favorite spellcasting window), July 21 to August 21.


* * *

2. This spell was inspired by a Debtor’s Anonymous technique (check online for your local chapter).

3. If you have never used planetary hours before, don’t worry. There’s a complete explanation in Appendix 3.

4. The five arms stand for earth, air, fire, water, and the intelligence of the human (top point), surrounded by the spirit of God/dess.

5. The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths & Secrets by Barbara G. Walker. HarperSanFrancisco, 1983. Page 451.

6. This folk/sympathetic magick spell was originally called “The Fisherman” and is adapted from The Grimoire of Lady Sheba (Llewellyn Worldwide, 1972, 1974, and 2001).

7. Standard Dictionary of Folklore, Mythology, and Legend by Funk & Wagnall. HarperCollins, 1984. Page 390.

8. Chant credited to the late Scott Cunningham.

9. You can find this information in Angels A to Z: A Who’s Who of the Heavenly Host by Matthew Bunson. Crown Trade Paperbacks, New York, 1996.


Manifesting Wealth

Time to do some serious thinking on your financial goals, especially where those goals relate to specific items. In the last chapter we worked with general abundance, though you could change any of those spells to enhance a particular project, should you so desire. In this chapter we’ll concentrate on specifics, such as your personal money flow, manifesting large-ticket items, enhancing your bank balance, and other financial enterprises. We’ll also explore project building and our relationships with others concerning our prosperity. As with the last chapter, the manifesting spells presented here generally correspond with the new moon (to manifest beginnings) through the waxing moon (the time to add growth energies). Again, the full moon is used for inspiration and power. I’ve also included the “end pieces” for each spell, filled with suggestions for those who would like to try the spell with a more complicated twist.

The Ebb and Flow of Your Money10

I learned a long time ago that our lives ebb and flow with the energy of the seasons. I also discovered that each individual has a personal cycle that includes busy times and fallow times that may have nothing to do with seasonal energies, planetary influences, or moon phases. These cycles are healthy and normal. It wasn’t much of a stretch, then, to conclude that this energy movement within our lives also affects the ebb and flow of our prosperity. If these cycles are natural, then how are we to cope—especially when we’re talking about cold, hard cash?

First, learn your personal cycle. Sit down and go over the ebb and flow of your money within one month, and then within the year. Creatively consider how you could bring balance into this natural ebb and flow. Second, learn to control the negative emotions that you associate with those natural fallow times. Seek out positive activities over those few days (or weeks). Does this mean that you will definitely be poor some days and rich others? No. This just means that energy cycles will be different, and you need to become attuned to these personal cycles, then act appropriately. By working through the abundance spells and banishing spells (in the next chapter), you will already have started this, assuming that you’ve already jumped around a bit in the book to find those spells that would immediately meet your needs; if you haven’t done this, that’s okay, too.11

In a twenty-eight-day lunar cycle, we know that there is a time for drawing things toward you (the new to full moon) and a time to push negative energies away from you (full to new moon). We know, too, that the full moon is often considered a period of balance, where both manifesting and banishing practices will work well. We also know that you have a personal cycle that may (or may not) adhere to the lunar cycle, the seasons, or planetary influences. How do we get all these energies to work together to create positive abundance? Actually, it’s not that hard, once you put your noggin to work.

What kind of energy is moving about you today? Is money flowing in at a steady pace or is there more going out the door? Perhaps this is an even day (or week)—nothing in, nothing out.

Money in

This is great, but don’t sabotage yourself like I used to do. Money would come in, things would be great, and I would be busy. I literally projected things stopping. Mistake. After a few days, more money would go out than in. I’d subconsciously dammed my monetary flow. On the days of monetary flow (money in), keep those creative fires burning. Continue your abundance or banishing work. Look at money as energy. Give this energy a color, if you like (green is an obvious choice). Concentrate on this energy continuing to grow all around you.

Money out

To remind myself that money-out days are only temporary, I started to do something special on them—something to make my day different. Sometimes I would play games with my children, take a walk, or read a good book. I discovered that a small bit of magick will lift your spirits and help you get through a trying day. Try a long ritual bath, an invigorating shower, or a bit of gardening to get you in touch with the earth. Repeat positive affirmations or do a little meditation. Remember that money-out days are a temporary condition that will lessen in intensity and length as you learn to manifest abundance in your life.

Money-out days (or weeks) can mean that you’ve got a block somewhere and it’s time to start searching through your lifestyle to figure out where that block is and what you’re going to do about it. Some blocks can be removed within seconds (like a pesky, negative thought), where others may not be so easy (like a spouse who can’t keep their paws off the twenty-four-hour cash machine). Blocks can be mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual. Only you, the master sleuth of your life, can determine what those blocks might be. Sometimes the blocks will be self-imposed and other times the blocks will be created by others.

Nothing in, nothing out

I used to find these days incredibly frustrating (and frightening) if I had just gone through a money-out period, but during a money-in period I found these inactive times quiet and calming. Either way, these days are not the days to sit on your magickal you-know-what and watch the hours slip by. No, no, no! Nothing in, nothing out may mean that you aren’t clear on what you really want, which is a normal human condition. Most people are afraid to reach for what they most desire because they rationalize (for whatever reason) that it just can’t happen. On these days, work on something that you would like to do (not what you think you must or should do). It was on a nothing in, nothing out day that I came up with the following Golden Cord of Manifestation exercise. Now, it took me a while to master this exercise, so don’t throw your hands up in despair if it doesn’t work for you right away. Just keep at it. Eventually the technique will get easier and easier.

The Golden Cord of Manifestation

Although gold hasn’t always been hard to obtain, its ability to resist tarnish and remain consistently pleasing to the eye has made it popular in various cultures throughout history. Reminiscent of the greater lights (our sun and the stars), religious worship often linked gold to deity. Mythos include the Greek and Roman Golden Age, the golden apples of Hesperides (Greek), the golden bough (Roman), the tale of the golden cockerel (Russian), the golden fleece (Greek), the golden stool (African), and the Golden Legend (the process of compiling the lives of the saints). The Golden Rule (do unto others as you would have them do unto you) is referenced in Egyptian, Akkadian, and Buddhist writings, dated five hundred years before the Christian scriptures. In some cases (Egyptian), the rule was associated with goddess worship (sacred to Maat). Gold is a particular favorite of the Santerian goddess Oshun, prosperity deity of streams and rivers.

The following is more of an exercise than it is a spell. You’ll need to practice to become proficient. That’s okay. A little work is good for the soul and keeps you from getting bored.

Supplies: A golden thread or cord that is the length of your body height; a small empty matchbox painted gold or yellow; a slip of paper that will fit into the box; a gold-inked pen or gold-leaded pencil; a golden candle (white will do as a substitute).

Instructions: Hold your hands over the supplies and ask for blessings in the name of your chosen deity for the purpose of prosperity. On the piece of paper, write something that you wish to manifest. It can be a large or small item or goal. (Remember, bigger things usually take longer to manifest.) Hold the paper and blow on it three times. Put the paper in the box. Tie one end of the cord around the box. Hold the gold candle in your hand and think about what you want to manifest, then think of how you felt at a time when you had what you wanted. In your mind, link that emotional feeling to the picture of what you wish to manifest now. Light the candle. Try to hold on to that feeling as long as you can. Close your eyes. Begin running the free end of the cord through your hands while you think about what you want to manifest. Picture yourself drawing your desire through the cord and into your hands. Keep moving the cord through your hands until you get to the box. Hold the box in your hands and continue to think about what you wish to manifest. See yourself happy and holding the desire (or having the energy of the desire around you). Try not to let any negative thoughts intrude. Hold the box until you feel your energy rise or feel a slight tingling in your hands. Take a deep breath and open your eyes. Put out the candle. Repeat this exercise every day until you receive your desire or until twenty-eight days have passed. If you do not have the goal in twenty-eight days, get a fresh candle and begin again. Over the twenty-eight days, be consciously aware of opportunities that may present themselves to you, especially if this is a nonmaterial goal. Be sure to accept those opportunities. Once you have manifested the goal, burn the paper and begin with a new goal or desire. Don’t stop after one goal or manifestation. Keep going. This is a great exercise for any student, and can be done in a group format.

To Enhance This Spell

• Perform at midday.

• Perform on Sunday in the hour of Mercury to enhance communication on a business deal.

• Perform on Sunday in the hour of the sun.

• Perform at Midsummer at dawn, at noon, and then again at dusk.

• Perform when the moon is in Leo.

Herbs, oils, candles, incenses, and powders can enhance your magick. The following three magickal aids, Morgana’s Prosperity Incense, Morgana’s Prosperity Powder, and Morgana’s Prosperity Oil, can be used anytime during the month and are excellent spell enhancers for any situation the universe sets before you.

Morgana’s Prosperity Incense

Morgana is a Witch who has a definite flair for cooking up powerful, magickal concoctions, which she has generously shared here.

Incense helps to put you in the right frame of magickal mind, acts as a psychic indicator to Divinity that you are in need of assistance, and becomes part of the overall magickal working.

Supplies: 1 cup cedar shavings (cedar has many magickal uses, including healing, purification, protection, and prosperity, and comes from a fragrant evergreen tree); ½ tablespoon benzoin resin (benzoin resin—from the styrax tree cultivated in Java, Sumatra, and Thailand—is commonly used among magickal practitioners as a base for an incense mixture); ½ tablespoon dried cinquefoil (a favorite of Pennsylvania Dutch Pow-Wow artists, used primarily for conjuring prosperity and healing); 1 teaspoon High John the Conqueror Oil (an all-around Southern favorite, this oil is associated with breaking hexes, prosperity, love, success, healing from depression, and happiness); 13 drops vetivert oil (prosperity, love, and breaking hexes, a definite fast-cash oil and a favorite of Southern folk magick practitioners); 9 drops orange oil (love, luck, money, and divination).

Instructions: Grind cedar shavings and benzoin resin together. Add cinquefoil and oils, mix well. Use anytime in conjunction with your prosperity spells. This incense can be used on charcoal or match-lit. Store in a cool, dry area in an airtight container. Fire is the primary element of this magickal incense, and its zodiac associations are Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius. When using the zodiac energies, remember Aries is to start a project, Leo is to “fix” or hold firm or defend the project, and Sagittarius is to get things moving that may have stalled.

To Enhance This Spell

• Make on a new or full moon.

• Make when the moon is in Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius.

• Make on a Tuesday (for more aggressive, fiery pursuits).

• Make on Midsummer, when the sun is at its zenith.

• Make on a Thursday in the hour of Jupiter, Venus, or the sun.

• Make on Sunday in the hour of Jupiter, Venus, or the sun.

• Make on Friday in the hour of Jupiter, Venus, or the sun (especially if a partnership is involved).

Morgana’s Prosperity Powder

The primary purpose of any magickal powder is to influence human thought and emotion, or to influence once-human unseen energies that have attached themselves to a particular person.This means that a magickal powder directly affects the behavior of people. Although some magickal individuals may argue that powders are an unethical form of magick, there are certain situations where powders can be useful and ethical. This particular blend combines the energies of success and protection, and therefore is not harmful in any way.

Supplies: 1 cup cedar shavings (prosperity, protection, and purification); 1 tablespoon pine needles (prosperity, protection, healing, fertility, and purification); 1 teaspoon cinnamon (success, love, healing, prosperity, and spirituality); 1 pinch dragon’s blood herb (increases the potency of any mixture); gold, silver, and green glitter.

Instructions: Mix the first four ingredients together and grind into a fine powder. Add glitter and mix. Store in a cool area in an airtight container. Use powder in spells or alone.

Note: Air is the primary element in any magickal powder, corresponding to the air signs of Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra. Libra starts a project, Aquarius “fixes” it in place, and Gemini changes it.

To Enhance This Spell

• Make on the new or full moon.

• Make when the moon is in Libra, Gemini, or Aquarius.

• Make on Beltaine (May Day).

• Make when the wind is considerably active in your area, or when the wind is coming from the north.

• Make on a Wednesday in the hour of Venus.

• Make at dawn.

Use powder in the following manner:

• Scatter on the ground or carpet, particularly in a doorway, to attract customers, a raise, or a promotion.

• Scatter outside of a bank when you seek a loan.

• Load in candles for success and business protection spells.

• Put in a cloth bag with a horse chestnut. Place in purse or pocket.

• Sprinkle on your money.

• Add a bit to your favorite money incense.

Morgana’s Prosperity Oil

Supplies: 1 tonka bean (money, courage, and wishes); 3 parts bergamot oil (also called orange mint; for money and success, bergamot oil is derived from the rind of a fruit that grows in Italy); 2 parts patchouli oil (money, fertility, and lust; patchouli comes from India and Indonesia and became popular in Britain in the 1820s, where it was used to dye Indian shawls and added to India ink); 1 part vetivert oil (money, breaking hexes, and love); 1 drop pineapple oil (money, luck, and chastity); sweet almond oil (base) (money and wisdom).

Instructions: Put tonka bean in an interestingly shaped bottle. Fill half of the bottle with sweet almond oil. Add the other oils and mix well. Store in a cool, dry place. Use the oil to anoint money, candles, spell papers, etc. Oils fall under the influence of Scorpio, Pisces, or Cancer. Use Cancer to begin a project, Scorpio to “fix” or set in place, and Pisces to change a situation.

To Enhance This Spell

• Make on a new or full moon.

• Make during a rain shower.

• Make on Yule (December 21), Christmas, or Chanukah.

• Make at midnight.

• Make when the moon is in Scorpio (for intensity).

• Make on Sunday in the hour of the sun.

Use oil in the following manner:

• Anoint candles.

• Anoint physical objects.

• Add a bit to your favorite money incense.

• This oil is safe for self-anointing.

Pennsylvania Dutch Money Manifesting Powder

If you’re into herbs and grinding stuff up, here’s another money powder recipe. In Pow-Wow, the four ingredients listed below have an affinity for drawing money and health. Pow-Wow artists loved to use Three Lady Charms (or Three Angel Charms), which we’ll employ here to keep the thread of authenticity between the herbs and the chant. The Three Lady Charms refer to the ancient worship of the Goddess in her aspect of triplicity; therefore, you can concentrate on any trinity you choose, or you may simply call them the Three Ladies.

Nordic Triceps

Supplies: 5 almonds, crushed to a fine powder; 1 part cinquefoil (five-finger grass); 1 part dried mint; 1 part orris root.

To give your powder extra oomph, you can also add a colored base powder, often sold in magickal candle shops, or 3 drops of your favorite money-drawing or herbal oil.

Tip: If you are in a pinch, you can dry the herbs in your microwave.

Note: You can use almond oil to anoint magickal tools and candles as an empowering agent for wealth, love, and success.

Instructions: On Sunday or Thursday, in the hour of Jupiter (long-term ventures) or Venus (short-term cash), crush the ingredients with a mortar and pestle (or in a blender). Say: “In the name of the elements of earth and air, bless this spell.”

Empower in the name of the Three Ladies, saying: “Three ladies came from the east, bringing health and wealth. The first said, ‘You need some.’ The second said, ‘We make some.’ The third said, ‘We give health and wealth to you.’ So mote it be!’ ”

Repeat the chant three times. As you say the chant, sprinkle the powder on your doorstep, in your wallet or purse, or on a piece of paper describing a proposed project. Add to other spells in this book or to spells you design yourself. Money powders, oils, and incenses are a very nice gesture on holidays, birthdays, or any day! (They are especially nice when a friend is down due to financial constraints.) Throw in a few green candles and you’ve created a gift to lift their spirits and share in their wish for prosperity. (Prosperity shared is prosperity gained.) Inscribe candles with the Nordic triceps symbol. If you affirm someone’s right to be prosperous and happy, then you will gain prosperity and happiness in your own life, too.

To Enhance This Spell

• Make on the new or full moon.

• Make on Sunday in the hour of the sun or the hours of Jupiter or Venus.

• Make when the moon is in Aries, but empower when the moon is in Taurus.

• Make on New Year’s Day.

• Make on Candlemas.

The Logical Spell

(If You Like Things a Bit More Complicated)

This one is strictly for the adept magickal worker. The supplies you will use depend entirely on what your spell is for, so you will need to sit down with a piece of paper and determine:

• Your overall goal.

• How many people are involved in the attainment of that goal.

• How many logical steps are needed to accomplish that goal.

• What sort of energy you want to work with: earth, air, water, fire, spirit, stellar, all of those listed, or a combination of those listed.

• An “out,” in case you would wish to break the spell (which is a good idea for any type of spellcasting).

• What color or colors would go with your goal. Match colors to each step, individual, or item in the process of attaining that goal (see color section in the appendices).

• Choose the correct moon phase and planetary hour to match the goal.

Supplies: A very long strip of rawhide; colored beads to match each step, individual, or item in the process of attaining that goal; one bead to represent your “out.”

Note: You should be able to string the rawhide through the beads. There should be two beads of the same color representing your goal: one for the beginning, and one for the end.

Instructions: Visualize white light surrounding you and the supplies you plan to use. (Don’t forget to have your piece of paper with you that lists all people, items, energies, steps, an “out,” and the final goal.) Tie a knot at one end of the rawhide. State that this is the beginning. Slide the first goal bead next to the knot. Make another knot to secure this bead. The second bead (or successive beads, depending on how many you choose) will stand for the energies you wish to incorporate. For example, if you want to work with air energy, you might pick a yellow bead (fire—red; water—blue; earth—green; Spirit—silver; lunar—white; stellar—gold). Say the energy aloud. The next bead represents your first step. Repeat the step verbally as you add the bead. Add items, people, and successive steps, tying knots on each side of the bead to secure it. As you add each bead, say the goal aloud. The “out” bead goes next to last. The final bead is the goal bead (that matches the color of the first bead on the string).

At this stage, you have completed the string of beads. Take the string to each quarter (N, S, E, W) and ask for the blessings of that quarter. Ask for the blessings of Spirit. Hold the string out before you and touch each bead, indicating what that bead represents. (It is okay to use your paper if you have a complicated goal.) Do not break the rhythm of your cadence. Do not stop until you have reached the last goal bead. Thank the quarters and thank the energies you accessed. Work the string of beads as often as you like, repeating your list of items, energies, steps, and people until the goal has manifested.

When you have received your desire, take the string back into your ritual circle, ask that the magick be dispersed, then cut the rawhide. Burn the rawhide. Save the beads for another spell.

To Enhance This Spell

• Perform on your birthday.

• Perform on a new moon.

• Perform on January 1.

• Perform on May Day (Beltaine).

• Perform when the moon is in Aries.

The Manifestation Stone

This exercise works much like the golden cord spell, only this employs the use of a simple, smooth stone to manifest your desires.

Instructions: Go on a little trip to find a nice, smooth stone that fits in the palm of your hand (not too big—about the size of the heel of your thumb). If someone has recently given you a smooth stone (which is highly possible), this stone is probably your manifestation stone given to you from the universe through a friend. Wash the stone with spring water. Energize the stone in the name of your favorite (or patron) deity and claim this stone for manifestation work.

Sit quietly and begin rolling the stone in the palm of your hand (or from hand to hand). Close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Relax. Continue to roll the stone. Repeat in your mind, “This is my stone of manifestation,” until you get a little bored or sleepy. Then say: “I manifest (stating what it is that you want to bring to yourself).”

You can choose a goal, a way of life, a personal quality, an item—it doesn’t matter. Keep repeating what you want to manifest while you roll the stone in your hands. Picture what it is that you want to manifest. When you feel a surge of energy or a slight tingling, it is time to stop for today. Repeat the exercise every day until you manifest your desire. Don’t fret over what you want. If after twenty-eight days you have not manifested what you wanted, energize the stone again and repeat the exercise. Once you have manifested your goal, wash the stone again and pick a new goal. As with the golden cord exercise, keep practicing with your stone. Your stone will gain power over successive use, and you will gain confidence.

Note: If you have more than one goal that you want to work for simultaneously, you can use more than one stone, if that feels right to you. For example, I might work for a small goal in the morning and a larger goal at night, using two different stones. You can, however, use the same stone for different goals. Stones do not seem to be meticulous. They do like to work.

To Enhance This Spell

• Paint the money charm symbol (on next page) on the stone. This is a Norse symbol meaning “my need is great.”

• Perform when the moon is in Virgo.

• Perform on a Wednesday in the hour of Mercury (if the spell involves the support of many people).

• Perform on Friday in the hour of the sun, Jupiter, or Mercury, depending on the energies you wish to manifest.

Prosperity Scroll

I love petition magick because of its simplicity. Here, we use the Celtic goddess Rosemerta for deity association. She is another cornucopia deity of harvest and a patroness of merchants and wealth. She’s also been linked with the Roman-Celtic Mercury (though this is a stretch). Her Gaulish/British name means “Good Purveyor” and she is sometimes portrayed with a butter churn, but usually seen with the cornucopia.

Supplies: 1-inch wide strip of parchment paper that is 3 feet long; a green-inked pen; your favorite incense.

Instructions: Draw the astrological sign of Taurus at the top of the strip (b). Write on the paper: “Holy Mother, manifest what I place upon this list.” Make a list of what you desire on the paper (you will have a lot of extra space—that’s okay). Roll the paper tightly into a little scroll. Pass the list over the incense, repeating the above charm nine times. Place the scroll in your purse, wallet, on your altar, by your desk, etc.—wherever you can add to it when you desire or hold it in your hand and repeat the charm when you feel like it. When the paper is full and you have received all that you asked for, thank Rosemerta, burn the paper, and begin a new list.

Norse Money Symbol

To Enhance This Spell

• Perform at Lammas or when the moon is in Capricorn if the items you listed are those that you’ve worked on and you are ready to reap your harvest.

• Perform when a project is lagging and needs an extra boost when the moon is in Aries.

• Perform during the new or full moon.

House Wealth Incense

The primary deity for this recipe is Dagda (Daghdha), an Irish deity considered to be one of the two greatest kings of the Tuatha De Danann. He is an all-father deity, a military leader, and master tradesman who can invoke the seasons and who holds a cauldron of plenty called the Undry that could feed the whole earth. Dagda is sometimes called the “Lord of Great Knowledge” because he possesses all the knowledge of the universe. Not to be trifled with, he carries an enormous club that can bash an enemy’s brains with a single blow. Dagda is not a white-light-and-bubbles kind of guy. He is portrayed as holding a large club or fork, symbolizing his control over the food supply of the cosmos.

As in the money powder, the ingredients of the house wealth incense each have magickal properties of their own.

Supplies: 3 parts frankincense (linked both to solar [Apollo, Adonis, Ra] and lunar [Demeter] deities, frankincense has been used in religious ceremonies for centuries as an herb of wealth and purification); 1 part myrrh (sacred to Aphrodite and Adonis [as well as Cybele, Hecate, Rhea, and Juno], this herb also has connections to the legend of the phoenix and the magickal aspects of rebirth); 1 part patchouli (usually a prime ingredient in wealth or love spells because of its ability to attract energies, people, or things); ½ part allspice (used for money, luck, and healing, and a great additive in Yule cookies, to bring prosperity into the home); ½ part nutmeg (another flexible herb used in money, wealth, health, and fidelity spells); ½ part ginger (love, money, success, strength, and power are the essential energies linked to this herb); 1 pinch of household dust (added to create sympathy between the herbal mixture and the place where you live); a charcoal incense brick; a blue candle; a purple candle.

Instructions: On Thursday, in the hour of the sun (or at midday), mix the ingredients. Grind with mortar and pestle (you can even use a blender, just remember to wash the bowl well when you’re done). You can empower in the name of Dagda, your patron deity, a deity associated with prosperity (of which we’ve named several so far), or simply empower in the name of Spirit. Primary elements for this spell are earth (the herbs), air (the smoke), and fire (the charcoal). Burn on a charcoal brick before a mirror empowered for household protection and monetary success,12 or carry around the entire house, fumigating all corners (including the attic and basement). Empower the purple and blue candles for wealth and spiritual success. Allow these candles to completely burn. You can also sprinkle the incense on your hearthstone or on logs in your fireplace before the first fall burn, or last spring burn.

If times have been particularly bad, burn a black candle to dispel negativity.

To Enhance This Spell

• Make over the Yule, Christmas, and Chanukah holiday season (great for gifts).

• Make on the new, waxing, or full moon.

• Make for that special friend who just bought a house.

• Make for spring and fall housecleaning.

• Make when the moon is in Virgo, then empower when the moon is in Taurus.

• Make on a Sunday for success or Monday or Friday for those correspondences associated with the home.

Prosperity Floor Wash

Folk superstitions from various cultures believe that the floors and corners of your home trap negativity, especially if coated with ground-in dirt, which impedes the health and prosperity of the family unit. Many occult shops and botanicals carry prepared floor washes that are to be used on a clean, dry floor, doorknobs, or store counters to improve the prosperity of the home or establishment.

Supplies: 1 bucket; 1 handful of salt; 3 cinnamon sticks; 3 drops honey; 1 teaspoon cinquefoil; 1 teaspoon powdered eggshell; a handful of violets, roses, or lavender; 1 lemon, sliced; 1 new wooden spoon; a mop; sage (comes in a smudge stick or loose); a fireproof pot.

Instructions: Wash all wooden or tile floors with a good detergent. Allow to dry. In a bucket, mix the salt, cinnamon sticks, honey, cinquefoil, powdered eggshell, and flowers. Squeeze in lemon juice and add 2 gallons water. Mix three times with a new wooden spoon. Mop the floor with the mixture. Allow to dry. Sweep herbs and flowers out the door. Light the sage in the fireproof pot and brush the fragrant smoke in swirling motions in the corners of the room.

To Enhance This Spell

• When choosing a day or time to make your floor wash and implement the energies, keep in mind that Jupiter energy lends itself to the big picture and Venus energy manifests in fast cash.

• Make during a new or waxing moon.

• Use before and after a large social or family event.

• Use in your place of business.

• Sprinkle in your vehicle.

Wheel of Fortune

Although deceptively simple, this is one of my favorite spells of manifestation, and is considered an “oldie but goodie” among magickal folk.13 We’re going to work again with Juno (or Fortuna), as both goddesses are historically linked to the wheel of fortune. Why reinvent the wheel? Er, goddess. Whatever.

For this spell we are going to use the runes Feoh ( ) or Gyfu () (especially if you require something that will be in partnership with another, such as a business proposition).

Supplies: 1 piece of white paper; colored pencils; green marker; a list of your desires; blessed spring water; 1 green candle.

Instructions: On the full or waxing moon, sit down at a table with your supplies. Hold the green candle in your hands, and say: “O creature of earth, assist me to magnify my desires.”

Light the candle, and say: “O creature of fire, assist me to magnify my desires.”

Draw a large circle on your paper with the green marker. This circle represents the magick circle. Divide your circle into pie slices, one slice for each desire. On each slice, in green marker, write your desire. With the colored pencils, draw an image that corresponds to your desire in each pie slice. For example, recently I found one of my old color wheels tucked under my altar stone. Two years ago, I asked for the following: a new computer that would meet my writing needs; a new refrigerator; new beds for the kids; a good car that would meet my transportation needs, be in excellent condition, and be safe; the smooth publication of one of my books; the opportunity to promote my books. As I looked over my list, I realized that I had received everything I had asked for, and more.

On your paper, draw any runes or other magickal sigils that you feel appropriate, or the runes suggested above. Write “In the name of Juno” on the back of the paper. Sprinkle with a bit of blessed spring water, and say: “O creature of water, grant my will with my desire.”

Blow three times on the paper, and say: “O creature of air, grant my will with my desire.”

Then say: “My desires become manifest in Juno’s name. So mote it be!”

Seal with an equal-armed cross.

When you have finished the color wheel, envision yourself surrounded by white light. Present the color wheel to the quarter energies (N, S, E, W), asking for blessings on your desires. Invoke your chosen deity (in our example we are using Juno), again asking for blessings. Thank the quarters. Thank the deity. Put your color wheel in a safe place. I normally hide my color wheels so that when I do find them a few years down the road, I can smile at the affirmation of what I have accomplished. When you do discover where you’ve hidden that color wheel, thank the quarters and the deity again, then burn the paper.

Should most things be granted, yet one item remains unmanifest (and provided that you still want the item), do not burn the old color wheel. Instead, create a new color wheel and glue it on top of the old one to hold on to the continuity of the previous magick.

To Enhance This Spell

• Turn your wheel into a star—even better, superimpose the star over the wheel. Use the points of the star for more spiritual pursuits.

• Perform on New Year’s Day.

• Change the wheel into its opposite, citing all the things you want to banish from your life. Perform this type of spell on a Saturday in the hour of Saturn, on the dark of the moon, or on a waning moon.

Manifesting Harmony with Others:

The Enchanted God Bowl

If you are a merchant of any kind or involved with travel, communications, or big business, this is the spell for you. A little while back I was having trouble with a particular business organization, especially in the area of communication. It wasn’t that I was doing anything wrong and it wasn’t that the people in the organization were bad—we simply weren’t communicating properly, and I knew it. I tried all the regular channels of communication first, but I just didn’t seem to be getting anywhere. This difficulty was affecting my prosperity, and therefore I knew I had to do something about the situation.

There were a lot of things I could have done. That’s the nice thing about magick—you have a whole compendium of choices—but I wanted to do something special, something just for this particular prob … er, situation. To that end, I designed an enchanted god bowl out of clay and dedicated it to Mercury (Roman god of communications, whose Greek counterpart is Hermes) on a Wednesday during a new moon.

It took me all day to make the bowl, and as I worked the clay I kept my thoughts focused on improving communications between myself and the organization.

That night I wrote down exactly what I wanted to happen: Clear and loving communication between myself and any employee of that business that would lead to mutual success. I placed the bowl on my altar, then placed the paper in the bowl, repeating my desire.

Within twenty-four hours, a flurry of communication ensued and the situation was resolved. Since I worked with this business often, I kept the bowl strictly for communicating with any employee of that establishment. Every time I wanted to work with them, I simply put my request in the bowl. When my request was granted, I burned the paper and thanked my deity. When I completed my business with that company, I broke the bowl in ritual and returned the clay to the earth.

To Enhance This Spell

• Make the bowl on a Wednesday in the hour of Mercury.

• Surround the bowl with brown and gold candles. Burn for friendship in monetary pursuits.

• Combine the symbol for Mercury ( ) and the Sun ( ). Inscribe on the bowl and on the candles.

Egg and Brown Sugar Spell

From Russian sorcery to Pennsylvania Dutch folk magick, the egg has been a prominent ingredient in many magickal operations. Seen as the manifestation of new life, in Germany eggs were often plowed into the fields in autumn to ensure a plentiful harvest for the following year. The egg is also considered an appropriate sacrifice to the dead in Asia and Europe, and can be used when requesting magickal assistance from those beyond the veil.

Cinquefoil, commonly known as five-finger grass, figures prominently in Pennsylvania Dutch magickal practices. Seen as “a helping hand,” the herb has a variety of uses, from protection to securing wealth. This herb can also be brewed and cooled, then used to cleanse magickal tools, sprinkled in the corner of any room to dispel negativity, or employed as anointing water.

Supplies: 1 part brown sugar; 1 part cinquefoil; 1 part patchouli herb and incense; mortar and pestle; 1 brown egg; 1 brown marker; 1 brown candle; almond oil. Our color scheme of brown is to promote harmony and feelings of kinship with the universe.

Instructions: Mix the brown sugar, cinquefoil, and patchouli herb together with mortar and pestle. On a full moon, write what you need most on the brown egg with the brown marker. You can list several desires on one egg. In a ritual circle, light the incense. Rub almond oil on your brown candle. Hold the candle in your hand and concentrate on the desires you wrote on the egg. Light the candle. Hold the egg in your hand and name your desires aloud, saying “I draw forth” before each desire. For example: “I draw forth positive abundance. I draw forth a purse with many pockets. I draw forth a new refrigerator. I draw forth harmony. I draw forth a small pink stuffed elephant.” (Gotcha!)

Ask for blessings from a chosen deity. Pass the egg through the incense, stating your goals once again. Pass the egg through the candle flame, repeating your desires. As the candle burns, bury the egg on your property. (If you don’t have land, use a small container with potting soil, but place the container outdoors because as the egg rots, it may stink up your living space.) Dig a small hole in the ground and add the brown sugar. Place the egg on top. As you bury the egg, say “I give blessings and love to the universe. I manifest positive Spirit into myself. As this egg rots, my desires will manifest. And it is so.”

Let the candle burn to completion. As the egg is a good gift for the dead, you can speak to a specific ancestor when formulating your desires and then again when burying the egg. If you do this, sprinkle a little patchouli on top of the ground over the buried egg (as patchouli also relates to honoring the dead).

To Enhance This Spell

• Perform on August 1 (Lammas) or on the day that you remove the last of the harvest from your garden.

• Perform under the Harvest Moon.

• Perform on Oestre or Easter—as eggs relate to spring, you may wish to use this spell in any spring ritual.

Egg Prosperity Charm

This spell is a bit more complicated, takes a little dexterity on your part, and will be time-consuming but well worth the struggle.

Supplies: 1 egg at room temperature; darning needle or X-Acto knife; a cork; green egg dye; ⅛ teaspoon each mint, cinquefoil, and cinnamon; a small cutting of your hair; a small piece of lodestone, magnetized iron fillings, or a small holey stone; a silver charm of your choice (keep your choices tiny); three drops money oil.

Instructions: Insert the eye of the darning needle into the cork. Holding the cork end, puncture the egg on the top and the bottom by rotating the needle and applying light pressure. (It may take you a few eggs to get the hang of this, so you might want to set out more than one to reach room temperature.) Make the hole at the narrow end large enough that your collected ingredients will fit through the hole. Blow out the contents of the egg through the holes that you made from the wide bottom to alleviate strain on the narrow top. As the contents of the egg begin to dribble, shake the egg up and down to hasten the flow. After you have emptied the egg, you are ready to dye the shell. After dying, dry the shell in the sun. In a prosperity ceremony written by yourself, add the herbs and other small objects.

Empower the entire egg for general prosperity. Add the money oil. Place on your altar or in some other safe place in your home. Renew once a year.

To Enhance This Spell

• Employ this spell on Beltaine or New Year’s Day.

• Add the astrological symbols of Taurus for long-term luxury energy; Gemini for a quick change of luck; Aries if during a time when you need an extra boost; or Scorpio for intensity (see Appendix 2).

Roll of the Dice

Did you ever get the feeling that what you are about to do with your money or a job you are trying to get may surely be by chance alone? This spell is to help you increase your odds of success in any endeavor.

Supplies: 2 dice; money oil; 1 lodestone (you can substitute a magnet); 1 red flannel bag; 1 red candle; 1 piece of paper.

Instructions: Write exactly what you want on the piece of paper. Anoint the candle with the money oil (or other type of attraction oil). Light the candle, asking for assistance from Spirit in this unknown venture. Anoint the dice in the same manner, asking for assistance. Empower the lodestone to bring good fortune to you. Roll and throw the dice seven times, each time asking that the odds for you be strengthened and the odds against you be lessened. Place the dice, the piece of paper, and the lodestone in the red bag. Allow the candle to burn completely. Carry the bag with you. You can take out the dice and roll anytime, repeating your request. Re-empower the bag every full moon (even if you did not make the original bag on the full moon).

Helping Your Bank Account

and Other Investments Grow

Children really enjoy helping you with this spell. It’s an easy way to teach them creative visualization and help your bank account sprout lots of dollar bills. The astrological sign of Capricorn rules money and banking. Put the symbol of Capricorn ( ) at the top of your chart.

Supplies: 1 poster board; colored pencils or markers; your recent bank statement; green construction paper; glue.

Instructions: Find your recent bank or investment statement. Write the account number on the back of the poster board. Draw a circle around the number to protect the investments you already have. On the front of the poster board draw a large tree with lots and lots of branches. At the top of the tree write your monetary goal. At the bottom of the tree write your current balance. Cut out 365 leaves. (You can make them little leaves or, if the idea of cutting all those leaves gives you heart failure, you can use play money or leaf stickers.) Hold your hands over the leaves and the poster board, and say: “Each day I add a leaf, each day my balance grows. Each day I add a leaf, until I reach my goal. With harm to none, so mote it be!”

Hang the poster board in a prominent place. Each day, glue a leaf on your tree, visualizing your bank accounts growing to reach your goal. Repeat the spell as you hang the leaf. When you have reached your goal or 365 days are up, burn the poster board. Start a new one with the old goal (if you are still working toward that goal) or set yourself a new goal.

To Enhance This Spell

• Construct two weeks after school begins (the first week or so is just too busy; by week three, things settle down enough for you to introduce this project to your kids).

Prosperity Gourd

This spell requires you to think ahead a bit and collect some nice gourds during the harvest season. Over the winter months, dry the gourds in your attic, basement, or garage—anywhere that is cool and dry. Gourds will occasionally get bad spots on them while drying, but they are still good so don’t throw them away.

Supplies: 1 dried gourd; thin wire or string; 1 part dragon’s blood herb; 1 part mustard seed; 1 part sage; 1 part cinquefoil; 5 new pennies; 5 kernels dried corn.

Instructions: Cut off the top of the gourd with a sharp knife. Punch a hole half an inch from the top of the opening on each side of the gourd. Thread the wire into the holes, allowing a loop for hanging. Secure the wire by twisting it. On the full moon, mix the dragon’s blood herb, mustard seed, and cinquefoil together. Empower for protection of your finances and future bounty. Place in the gourd. Add the 5 new pennies and the 5 kernels of dried corn. Hold your hands over the gourd, pray, and state your desire for future plentiful, positive harvests and protection for what you already have. Under the full moon, hang the gourd outside of your front door. If you want to be decorative, you can paint the outside of the gourd with green or blue paint and add your favorite magickal sigils for prosperity.

To Enhance This Spell

• Make during the full or new moon.

• Make during your Lammas, Fall Equinox, or Samhain celebration.

Simple Potpourri Prosperity Spell

The primary deity for this easy spell is the Yoruban Oshun, goddess of the sweet waters. As we’ve seen with various goddesses, Oshun has many names and many faces. As Oshun Ana (ana meaning first goddess), she is the goddess of luxury and love. The original legend around this deity indicates that she was birthed in the headwaters of the Oshun River, hence her association with the sweet waters of rivers, streams, creeks, and wells. She is said to cure the sick and impart fertility with her loving essence. As Oshun Telargo, Oshun is seen as the modest one, and as Oshun Yeye Moro, she is a formidable seductress. Her male counterpart is Chango (Shango), god of thunder (sometimes she is seen as his sister or mistress). African gods and goddesses are different, as they require gifts if you wish the blessings of their favor. Oshun loves pumpkins, sweets, gold, yellow roses, yellow candles, and pretty things in general; however, once you give something to Oshun, you cannot take it back. The item belongs to her forever, and she is known to curse those who renege on their promises or take gifts back from her. Devotees of Oshun wear amber beads. If you have a piece of amber and can part with it, then this is a wonderful gift for this goddess. The day of Oshun is Friday under the planet of Venus.

Note: African deities are fussy. They will either work with you or they won’t. Much like the Celtic Morrigan, African deities pick you—you do not have the luxury of choosing them. Other gods and goddesses you can choose for this spell are Juno (Roman), Rosemerta (Celtic), or Dagda (Celtic).

Supplies: 4 ounces rosebuds; ¼ ounce tonka beans; ¼ ounce cinnamon; 2 ounces powdered orris root; ¼ ounce dried mint; ¼ ounce dried orange peel; 2 glass bowls (do not use metal, or your fragrance will be spoiled); a wooden spoon; large glass jar with cork stopper or glass top; 10 drops money oil; 1 large seashell.

Instructions: Crush tonka beans. In the large bowl, combine the tonka beans, cinnamon, orris root, and mint (the orris root is the fixative; without this herb, your potpourri would quickly lose its fragrance). In the other bowl, lightly crush the rosebuds. Mix all ingredients together lightly with the wooden spoon. Add the money oil to the dry ingredients and stir again in a clockwise direction, visualizing prosperity coming into your home or place of business. Transfer the mixture into the glass jar and cover. Allow the mixture to settle for two weeks in a cool, dark place. Shake every other day. When you feel the mixture has sufficiently aged, pour into the seashell and place on an altar dedicated to Oshun. Save the remainder of the mixture for your prosperity poppet or charm bag.

To Enhance This Spell

• Leave an offering to Oshun beside sweet water.

• Mix on Midsummer’s Day.

• Mix on the full or waxing moon.

• If you desperately need money, you can place five yellow roses in a gallon of water, then burn a yellow candle, asking Oshun to bring you money as quickly as possible. Don’t forget your offering.

Prosperity Poppet

Poppets are cloth, clay, or wax effigies that work through sympathetic magick14 and can be used for a variety of magickal intents. Poppets may be one of the oldest feminine magickal